Jodi Arias Kid, Now and Biography

Jodi Arias Kid, Now and Biography

Jodi Arias was convicted of first-degree murder on May 8, 2013. She killed Travis Alexander in his house in Mesa, Arizona. On April 13, 2015, she sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.


The trial was sensational due to the details of the case, which included the fact that the two had been in a romantic relationship prior to the murder and that Arias had attempted to cover up her crime by erasing Alexander's phone and computer records. The case also featured intense courtroom battles between the prosecution and defense. Also, movies, books, podcasts and documentaries were made in its wake.

How did Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander relationship began?

Travis Alexander and Jodi frequently went out together, and their friends noticed how they seemed to be drawn to each other. They had "potent chemistry" and an instant connection upon meeting in September 2006.

They were always laughing and having a good time when they were together, and it was clear that they had a strong bond and connection. Friends and family had noticed how much happier Alexander had become since the relationship began, and had praised the couple for the joy they brought each other.

Alexander's friend Sky Lovingier Hughes said in an interview with ABC News, "She was really excited about the relationship. She loved how funny he was, how much fun they would have together."


At the initial stage of their relationship, the two dated long-distance. Sky said that even though the two of them were long distance, Alexander was committed to the relationship and they were able to make it work. He was always willing to make the effort to see her, and she appreciated that.

She lived in Palm Desert, California. Alexander was killed on June 4, 2008, more than a year after they met. His body was found on June 9.

"I started seeing things that were just disturbing," Lovingier Hughes told 20/20. "I said, 'Travis, I'm afraid we're gonna find you chopped up in her freezer.' ... From very early on, she was completely obsessed with him."

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Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias Kids

They don't have any kid together. As in 2023. Jodi Arias has not any kid. She is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole in jail and till her last breathe, she spent her life in prison. As such, she has not had the opportunities to have children, as her ability to engage in normal relationships has been taken away from her.

Who is Jodi Arias?

Jodi Arias was an aspiring photographer. She was looking for opportunities with a network marketing company called Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. As in 2023, she is serving a life sentence in the Perryville state women's prison in Goodyear, Arizona.

The day Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander

Jodi Arias first said she wasn't at Alexander's house the day he was killed, but in the end (after spending one night in jail), she said she was. She ultimately admitted to being there because the police had evidence that she was present at the time of Alexander's death, and her story changed as they presented her with more evidence.

She told the police that they had sex, took pictures in the shower, and were attacked by people in masks. The police didn't believe her story, so they charged her with first-degree murder. She had no evidence to back up her story and there were inconsistencies in her account that led investigators to believe she was not telling the truth. The physical evidence at the scene contradicted her narrative, which further cast doubt on her story.


Arias was unable to explain how her DNA wound up on Alexander's shirt or why her hair was found in his hand. She also provided inconsistent stories as to her whereabouts on the day of the murder, which further raised suspicions. The autopsy report revealed that Alexander had been stabbed more than 30 times and had his throat slit and been shot in the head.

She would stand trial for her alleged involvement in the murder for an additional four months before the jury returned a guilty verdict. She was held behind bars for over four years before the start of her criminal trial on Jan. 2, 2013.

Arias said in court that she killed Alexander in self-defense after he attacked her for dropping his new camera, but she couldn't remember what happened when she tried to remember. (Arias repeatedly changed her story on stand.)

Lesser known facts about Jodi Arias

  1. Jodi Arias had stalker-like qualities, according to her friends.
  2. She was worried that he was talking to other people and that he wasn't being honest with her.
  3. She'd listen in on conversations and read through his text messages on his phone.
  4. The crime scene was gory.
  5. She was found guilty of the first-degree murder.

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