Grandma Holla Net Worth - How much money she used to earn from her tiktok?

Grandma Holla Net Worth - How much money she used to earn from her tiktok?

Grandma Holla was a celebrated tiktoker who lost her life at the age of of 97. She died in her sleep following a long battle with breast cancer, on 14 Jan 2023. Davis, who was often seen in a hospital bed in her videos, garnered over 800,000 followers on TikTok for her reactions and commentary.


Her videos roll with many and created an online community of empathy and support. She was often caught on camera by her granddaughter Michelle Williams.

Grandma Holla net worth

Grandma Holla's net worth was estimated to be $2 million - $5 million, in 2022. Her videos quickly gained millions of views, spurring the elderly lady to become a social media sensation. Her videos are often hilarious, blunt, and filled with expletives.

The misinformation surrounding her death led to a surge in online discussions and debates, with many users expressing their condolences and sharing memories of her.

Who was Grandma Holla?

Grandma Holla was known for giving honest and funny answers to any question asked of her. Her answers and charming nature made millions of people happy. Her no-nonsense attitude and quick wit made her stand out from the crowd, and her willingness to speak her mind and be truthful endeared her to many people.

The loved grandma also had a YouTube account with more than 270,000 followers. People often found her videos to be funny, inspiring, and informative.


She was known for her candidness and often gave advice on life, relationships, and parenting. Her videos were often viewed by millions of people, and she became a source of hope and comfort for many.

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Grandma Holla's real name and death

Her real name was Helen Davis. On 14 Jan 2023, her beloved granddaughter confirmed her passing in a Facebook live video. She stated,

"She went out peacefully. She's not in pain anymore, no more cancer, no more morphine."

She had revealed in a video that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and had gone through a long journey to get to where she was. She was open about her struggles with her health and used her platform to bring awareness to the importance of early detection and treatment.

Why was Grandma Holla so famous?

She has gained a loyal following due to her open and honest approach to answering any and all questions.

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