Was Dave Hollis vaccinated? Died of accidental overdose

Was Dave Hollis vaccinated? Died of accidental overdose

Dave Hollis is the CEO of the Hollis Company death has been ruled an accident. The medical examiner conducted an autopsy and found that Dave Hollis died as a result of a medical condition that had been previously undiagnosed. The examiner concluded that his death was not a result of intentional or criminal activity.


The report outlines the risks posed by hypertension and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and caused him heart attack or stroke, as a contributing factor to his death.

"He had a history of hypertension, depression, illicit drug use, and alcohol abuse."

He was also into writing and wrote three books: "Get Out of Your Own Way," "Built with Courage" and a children's book, "Here's to Your Dreams."


Was Dave Hollis vaccinated?

Dave Hollis died at the age of 47. At the time of his death, huge dose of cocaine, fentanyl and alcohol found in his system. He died at his home outside Austin, Texas. He has not publicly revealed whether he has been vaccinated, so it is unknown at this time.

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Dave Hollis actual death cause

It was reported that the death of Dave Hollis, was caused by an accidental overdose of cocaine, fentanyl, and alcohol. Heidi Powell used her Instagram platform to share her grief and to raise awareness about the signs of depression, as she believes this is what caused Dave's untimely death. Heidi Powell said in a statement,

"None of what I know now takes away from the life he was in this world and it doesn't take away from the things I love about him"

Powell shared a long video talking about the Dave Hollis's death. She noted that his death was "a tragedy we will all have to carry forever," and urged her followers to "seek help" if they are struggling with substance abuse.

She said,

"Sometimes it's hard to find the words. This is me doing my best. 'I love you. I wish you well. I hope you heal.'🤍 Dave and I had broken up before, and so there are a lot of question marks for me," Powell said in the video, admitting that the two who began dating in 2020 had broken up sometime before his death. None of what I know now takes away from the life he was in this world and it doesn't take away from the things I love about him"

Commenting any further is not my job. It's not that it's not my job, it's not my place. ave has family and it is their place and their honor, and I really want to respect that, even in posting too much about missing him. It's not because I don't, it's because I really care to respect his family and not everything has to make it online to be real.

I think everybody who loved [Hollis] feels it and I think the only thing I would offer is the suggestion that now that there's more information, don't let it take away from the good he gave to each of our lives because there was so much.

I think this is a good reminder for everyone, maybe to remember that we are all human," she continued. " To be human is to mess up, have struggles… hurt. And man, if this isn't a reminder that every single person we meet or come across is fighting a battle we know nothing about… I'm using this as a reminder to be kind to everybody and to not let someone's imperfections steal the good they were too, 'cause everybody has so much good.

I'm sorry I can't say or do anything to make this easier. As a fixer myself — someone who likes to help other people — that is hard for me. I wish I could fix the whole situation for everybody."

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