Liza Anokhina Age, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Boyfriend and Wiki

Liza Anokhina Age, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Boyfriend and Wiki

Liza Anokhina, a TikToker and social star. She posts mostly dance and lip-sync videos set to popular songs on her anokhinalz TikTok account, where she has gained over 39 million fans. Her sky blue hair color is her major source of attention from her fans.

Liza's blue hair has become a signature look for her, helping her stand out from other TikTokers. Her unique and vibrant hair color has also become an integral part of her branding. Her videos often feature her in a variety of different styles and settings, but her blue hair is always the star of the show. This has enabled her to create a distinct identity.


Her videos have attracted people with their creative and humorous spin on popular culture topics, as well as her well-crafted choreography and lip-syncing.

Liza Anokhina Wiki, Age and Biography

Born on April 30, 2007 in Moscow, Russia. Liza's age is 16 years old, in 2023. She has two loving older sisters and one older brother.


She is very foodies and once shared having a Ukrainian-Russian soup called 'borscht'. Borscht is a traditional soup made with beets, cabbage, potatoes, and other vegetables, and is a popular dish in Eastern Europe. It can also be served hot or cold, with a dollop of sour cream on top.

Liza Anokhina Career

Liza Anokhina often lip-syncs to comedic audio clips. Her videos are often cleverly edited and feature references to popular culture, which is why they have become so popular.


Her choreography is often intricate and precise and her lip-syncing is always spot on. She spends hours perfecting her movements and making sure every detail is perfect. She also puts a lot of effort into learning the lyrics of her songs and making sure her lip-syncing is as accurate as possible.

In 2017, she first found a web following on her self-titled YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel has 1M subscribers.

Who is the boyfriend of Liza Anokhina?

Rising TikToker's boyfriend name is not known. Liza Anokhina is single and not involved in any romantic relationship as per now.


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How much Liza Anokhina makes from TikTok videos?

She makes around $120K to $200K from her different social media accounts. She also earns 500K from her YouTube channel annually.

Liza Anokhina height and weight

Her height is 1.65 m and weighs 130 lbs. Check out her Instagram account from here - 'anokhina_elizabeth_2007'.

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