Twylla Dvorkin Wiki, Age, Biography - Ian Tyson's ex-wife

Twylla Dvorkin Wiki, Age, Biography - Ian Tyson's ex-wife

Twylla Dvorkin is the ex-wife of Ian Tyson, was a Canadian singer-songwriter who wrote several folk songs, including "Four Strong Winds" and "Someday Soon".


On 29 December 2022, her ex-husband Ian Tyson died at his ranch near Longview, Alberta, at the age of 89. In Oct 1994, he became a Member of the Order of Canada.

Twylla Dvorkin Wikipedia and Age

Born in 1939, Twylla Dvorkin's age is 84 years old, in 2023.


In 1986, Ian Tyson married Twylla Dvorkin. Couple's daughter Adelita Rose was born c. 1987. Tyson's second marriage ended in divorce in early 2008, several years after he and Dvorkin had separated.

Twylla Dvorkin now

Twylla Dvorkin's currently resides Victoria, British Columbia, Canada which is the birthplace of her ex-husband too.


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Who was Twylla Dvorkin's ex-husband?

Twylla Dvorkin's ex-husband was born to George and Margaret Tyson. In 1906, his father George was an insurance salesman and polo enthusiast who emigrated from England.

He first married with musical partner Sylvia Fricker in 1964, ended in an amicable divorce in 1975. Couple also has a son named, Clayton Dawson Tyson, born 1966. He was also a musical performer and has since moved to a career modifying racing bikes.

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