Natalie Rose Wikipedia, Children and Instagram

Natalie Rose Wikipedia, Children and Instagram

Natalie Rose is married with Daren Bates a former American football linebacker and has three children, Kaeto, Kamea, and Meija. They don't follow each other on Instagram but their bond is beyond any word. Her husband, Daren Bates was signed by the Los Angeles Rams as an undrafted free agent, in 2013 and has also played for the Oakland Raiders, Houston Texans, and Tennessee Titans.


How many kids Natalie Rose have?

Natalie Rose has a son, Kaeto and daughters, Mea and Vea. For over ten years, Natalie and Daren Bates has been married.


They have formed a mighty and loving family together, through the ups and downs that life has brought their way. The ex-NFL athlete has been mum about the specifics of his marriage to Natalie, so it's unclear when they tied the knot.

As parents, Natalie and Daren have always worked to maintain a loving and positive vibe for their children, allowing them to pursue their passions and dreams.

Natalie Rose's son - Kaeto Bates

Kaeto Bates, 9, is the only son of Daren and Natalie who was born in 2014. Naomi's Instagram is filled with adorable pictures and videos of her son.


One video shows Naomi giving her kid a smothering kiss, and Kaeto's small giggles in the background add a touch of sweetness.

Who is Kamea Welsynn Rose?

Kamea Welsynn Rose is the elder daughter of Natalie Rose and Daren Bates. She grew up in Memphis, Tennessee.


Her childhood was full with affection and love, as her parents worked hard to give her with a loving space. Growing up in Memphis, she saw her father playing football.

From a young age, Kamea got a deep love for football and music, particularly the soft melodies.

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Who is Mejia Bates?

Mejia Bates, 4, is very close to her sister and brother. She is the youngest in the Bates family. Her nickname is, Mea. Natalie did a family photoshoot involving only her three kids, with Darren absent from the photograph, in 2020.


Natalie Rose's Instagram

Yes, Natalie Rose is on Instagram. She has 110K followers, as in Sep 2023.

User id - 'nnapples_'

Natalie Rose is a huge fan of Rihanna

Natalie has been following her career since her debut album in 2005. From her catchy pop hits to her empowering anthems, she admires Rihanna's in every way either its her classy and sassy style, music or fashion.

She has attended numerous concerts and even had the opportunity to meet Rihanna backstage during a meet and greet, which was a dream come true for Natalie. At Rihanna's Anti-World Tour concert, they had traveled to watch.

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