Miah Catalina - Age, Family and Wiki

Miah Catalina - Age, Family and Wiki

Miah Catalina is a social media star with a large following on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Known for her eye-catching beauty, electric personality, and enjoyable posts.

She has become a known name on the Instagram platform where her user name is, 'miahcatalina1'. She has 244K followers on her account, as in Sep 2023.


Coming to her TikTok account, she has 4.9M followers and has 60M likes, in Sep 2023. Her user name is, 'miahcatalina'.

Her journey to stardom started when she kicked off posting makeup tutorials and fashion hauls on her Instagram page which helps her quickly gaining thousands of followers who were attracted to her beautiful posts.


As per her Instagram profile, she is Ceo of @lagatabuela and founder of @lacatacademy. She become mother of a son and recently uploaded an image on her Instagram whose caption read as,

"Dear son, I want you to know how much I dreamed of you, cried, worked and did to be able to get you 🤎 I want you know and always carry in your little heart, my son, that you were desired, planned, expected and very loved."

How old is Miah Catalina?

Born on December 3, 2001 in Panama, Miah Catalina age is 21 years old, as in 2023. She is a Panamanian TikToker. In May 2019, she first joined Instagram.

She shared a video of herself dancing to Deavele Santos's "Pra pra pra" on TikTok in November of 2022. Over 20 million people have watched the video since it was uploaded.

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Miah Catalina career

Miah Catalina began sharing her modelling pictures and videos on her account and gained a small following. During this time she was suffering from several health issues and was constantly in pain. She decided to start working out to improve her health and hit the gym.


She now started sharing her fitness journey on her Instagram page. Her gorgeous looks and statuesque figure attracted numerous followers who gained inspiration from her posts. Within a few years’ time, she became an Instagram star.

Is Miah Catalina married?

Miah Catalina is not married nor dating. She is single. She is a single mother of a son, as in 2023.

How much Miah Catalina weighs?

She weighs around 286 lbs and her height is 1.67 m.
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