AmineMaTue Age, Net Worth Wikipedia and Bio

AmineMaTue Age, Net Worth Wikipedia and Bio

AmineMaTue is French Twitch streamer and content creator who is particularly known for playing and streaming video games such as Fortnite. He provides comedic commentary on soccer matches, current events, and music.

He also interviews various esports players and gives his opinion on various topics related to gaming. AmineMaTue has over 2 million followers on Twitch and has amassed a large following on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.


He also streams Grand Theft Auto gameplay and commentary on his 'aminematue' Twitch account. He usually streams for at least two hours each day and often engages with his viewers in chat. He also posts highlights of his streams on his YouTube channel.

AmineMaTue Age, Bio and Wikipedia

Born on July 21, 1994, AmineMaTue's age is 29 years old, in 2023. He was born in France and holds French nationality. His birth sign is Cancer. He has a cat named Baki who is a playful and affectionate cat, and he loves to spend time playing with his owner. He's also known for his mischievous antics, such as stealing food from counters and sneaking into places he shouldn't be.


He was born and raised in Normandy with his younger brother and sister. He loves to explore and investigate new places, often finding himself in areas where he shouldn't be. Talking about his education, he has a degree in computer science.

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AmineMaTue's Instagram

AmineMaTue has 1.1M followers on his Instagram account. His user name 'aminematue'. He captioned an image whose statement read as,

"Merci infiniment ❤️, Je n’arrive toujours pas à bien comprendre ce qu’il s’est passé hier à vrai dire. J’ai l’impression que c’était un film où tout les acteurs ont tous joué le jeu parfaitement. Les joueurs, les coachs, les commentateurs, la prod, les arbitres, le public, les rappeurs, le tchat…

On a gagné certes mais c’était aussi une victoire tant le spectacle était au rendez vous. Et tout ça c’est grâce à vous qui transmettez une énergie monstrueuse. Grâce aussi aux joueurs qui se sont investis à 200% et qui ont respecté cet événement comme il se doit. On a créé des liens inoubliables entre nous, c’était une aventure humaine monstrueuse. 

Merci à Karnage mon acolyte avec qui on a trimé comme des chiens pour ce moment. (fuck Karnage) J’arrive pas à réaliser le chemin parcouru. Mais je vous remercie de m’avoir construit. Je remercie Billy d’être un pilier important pour moi.

Je remercie toutes les personnes qui se sont déplacés et qui nous ont donnés tout leurs amours. Ça sonne un peu comme un clap de fin mais je vous jure qu’on vient juste d’enfoncer une porte, c’est que le début vous êtes pas prêts j’ai trop de dingueries en tête 😀"

AmineMaTue Net Worth

In Aug 2012, AmineMaTue began his Twitter account. After the success of Squeezie's GP Explorer event, where content makers fought against each other in a Formula 4 race.


He was moved to organize a soccer game between French and Spanish celebrities and streams. His net worth is estimated to be $3 million, in 2023.

AmineMaTue Height and Weight

AmineMaTue's height is 1.70 m and body weight is 140 lbs.

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