Valeria Duque Age, Son, Dating, Bio and Height

Valeria Duque Age, Son, Dating, Bio and Height

Valeria Duque, a Colombian model Professional model and Instagram sensation, gained fame for her stunning looks and enchanting social media presence.


With a large following on Instagram, Valeria has become a sought-after influencer and brand ambassador for various fashion and beauty companies. She has 1.6 million followers for her 'valeriaduqueh' account, as in Aug 2023. She has done work with a number of popular brands and she became an ambassador for Adidas Colombia.

Valeria Duque Age, Wikipedia and Bio

Born on February 22, 1992, Valeria Duque's age is 31 years old, in 2023. She was born in Medellin, Colombia. Her birth sign is Pisces.


She did her graduation in the field of journalism and social communications that would give her the skills and experience she needed to succeed.

Valeria Duque Son and Boyfriend

Valeria Duque has a son but her husband name is not known. She has never revealed the identity of her son's father, leading to speculation that she has been raising him as a single mother.


She is very close to her son and wrote,
"El 3 de Mayo es mi fecha favorita por toda la eternidad ♾️🍀✨feliz cumpleaños amor de todas mis vidas, MI MAESTRO, mi verdad, la voz que me calma, la luz de mi alma… yo le hablo a Dios y tú eres su respuesta 🙏🏼🌟 mi niño brillante 🚀 Dios me premió contigo, gracias por caminar de mi mano, hemos crecido juntos… qué regalo la vida a tu lado mi amor eterno! me siento tan orgullosa de ti… para siempre juntos de la mano de Dios ❤️‍🔥"

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Is Valeria Duque involves in Rosalía and Rauw break-up?

Valeria Duque was accused of being the reason why Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía break up after three years of dating.

Though, she denies the statement that she is involved in the breakup. Valeria took to social media to clarify that she has nothing to do with the case.

"I have been absent since yesterday because I believe that silence is also an answer and the wisest one in the face of unfair and false offenses and accusations.

Today, I decide to write in case I can generate some awareness because we still have a lot to evolve as a society... There are so many important things happening in the world, so much we can build, learn, and help others through this medium, and yet, I see how easy it is to destroy and attack by spreading misleading and malicious information. 

We are sadly accustomed to stigmatization, prejudice, and ignorant judgments with absolutely no knowledge of people’s real lives... However, I never thought that a story created by someone’s imagination could have such an impact. There is much talk about mental health, respect, and compassion for others, but sadly, there is little empathy and solidarity from women, who have been the cruelest in making comments about me.

What happened to me happens to many people in different ways and scenarios, perhaps without the strength and emotional intelligence that I have, and the malevolence that does not confront directly but hides behind keyboards and screens is becoming normalized.


I want to tell you that much of what you see on social media is LIES... I advise you to be more conscious when posting information that can unfairly affect people’s lives,” she advises. “I have been in this entertainment industry for a long time, I know many people in the field, and I have worked in it for years. I have been involved in important projects worldwide, and all the people who know me and the community that follows and supports me have witnessed the growth of my career and my work, in which my professionalism and discipline have characterized me. THANK YOU to all who have sent me their positive energy, those who DO know me and know who I am, and there are MANY!!! With them, with the TRUTH and a clear conscience, I choose to stay. Valeria ❤️".

Valeria Duque Height and Weight

Her height is 1.68 m and body weight is 130 lbs.

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