Lauretta Sullivan Wiki - Wife Of Misaligned Eyes' Marty Feldman

Lauretta Sullivan Wiki - Wife Of Misaligned Eyes' Marty Feldman

Lauretta Sullivan was the wife of Marty Feldman who was known for his prominent, misaligned eyes. He starred in the comedy-variety sketch series for ATV called The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine, in 1971. He was a lacto-ovo vegetarian.


Who was Lauretta Sullivan?

Lauretta Sullivan was married with Marty Feldman from January 1959 until his death in 1982, with whom she had two children. Her husband, Feldman was described as an "avowed socialist", politically. In an interview he said,

"I'm a socialist by conviction, if not by lifestyle," and another, "I'm a socialist from way back, but in order to pay my back taxes I have to live in America to earn enough money to pay the back tax I owe to the socialist government that I voted in."

He later joked that when a Labour cabinet minister said to him,

"Of course you vote Labour," Feldman replied, "No, I don't, because I'm a socialist!" Nevertheless, he generally did not seriously discuss politics in public, once quoted: "I feel it would be presumptuous for me to make any statements about American politics because I’m a guest here."

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Lauretta Sullivan's death

In 2010, Lauretta Sullivan died, aged 74, in Studio City, Los Angeles. Feldman's peers have reported, in a number of biographies, that he was highly attractive to women in spite of his unconventional facial appearance.


How did Lauretta Sullivan's husband died?

Lauretta Sullivan's husband, Marty Feldman was a heavy cigarette smoker for most of his life. He used to smoke five packets daily. On 2 December 1982 at age 48, he died of a heart attack in a hotel room in Mexico City during the making of the film Yellowbeard.

The film Yellowbeard was subsequently dedicated to him. He is buried in the Garden of Heritage at Forest Lawn – Hollywood Hills Cemetery, California, near his idol, Buster Keaton.

Lauretta Sullivan Born

Her birthday was on September 29, 1935. Lauretta Sullivan was born in Bristol, England to James and Nellie Sullivan.

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