John Lee Bottom Wife, Net Worth and Cause of Death

John Lee Bottom Wife, Net Worth and Cause of Death

John Lee Bottom, also known as John Phoenix was a prominent personality in the entertainment industry. He gained recognition in Hollywood primarily as the father of two talented individuals, the late actor and singer River Phoenix and the acclaimed Oscar-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix.

John Lee Bottom Bio and Personal Life

John Lee Bottom, an American citizen, was born on April 5, 1947, in Stanislaus County, California. He was an American citizen and had the astrological sign of Aries. His parents are Robert Merril Bottom and Beulah Ernestine Ingram. John had an unhappy childhood and dropped out of high school. He later became a gardener but grew restless in his twenties and started traveling. The details about his siblings are not known.

Lee and Arlyn Phoenix got married in 1968 after meeting in California. Arlyn was born on December 31, 1994, to her parents Meyer Dunetz and Margaret in New York. John Lee Bottom and his wife were actively involved in the sect known as "The Children of God." The couple decided to temporarily change their first names to Jochebeb (Arlyn) and Amram from the Bible (John). They established their residence in Winterpark, Florida during this period. However, later on, they made the decision to permanently change their last name to Phoenix. They began their journey as fruit gatherers and eventually became missionaries, traveling to various locations such as Mexico, South America, and different states in America to spread the teachings of their group.

John Lee Bottom Married Life and Children

John Lee Bottom and Arlyn Phoenix had five children together. Their eldest son, River Phoenix was born on August 23, 1970. He gained fame for his exceptional skills as a singer and actor, appearing in popular movies such as "My Own Private Idaho," "Stand by Me," and "Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade." However, tragedy struck when River passed away at the young age of 23 on October 31, 1993, due to a drug overdose.

Rain Phoenix, born on November 21, 1972, is the second child of the Phoenix family and is also an accomplished American actress, musician, and singer. She has appeared in numerous films and has showcased her musical talents as well. Some notable projects she has been a part of include Amazing Stories, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, and Harry+Max.

Joaquin Phoenix, the third child of his family, was born on October 28, 1974. He is not only known for his acting skills but also as a producer and animal activist. With his incredible talent, he has received numerous accolades including two Golden Globe awards, an Oscar award, and many other prestigious honors. Some of his most renowned screen performances can be seen in movies like Joker, Gladiator, Walk the Line, and Her. Apart from his artistic achievements, Joaquin Phoenix has also achieved a black belt in karate.

Liberty Phoenix is an American former actress, was born on July 5, 1976. She gained recognition for her roles in TV productions such as Kate's Secret and Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. However, she decided to transition from acting and pursue a career as a designer. Eventually, Liberty opened her own store in the eco-friendly Indigo Green area located in Gainesville, Florida.

Fifth child is Summer Phoenix who was born on December 10, 1978, is an American actress, model and designer. Her journey in the world of acting began at a remarkably young age, as she made her first guest appearance when she was just two years old. Throughout her career, she has been a part of numerous films such as Esther Kahn, Suzie Gold, and many others.

After being married for 27 years, the couple made the difficult decision to get a divorce in 1997. The specific reasons behind their separation remain unknown. However, four years later in 2001, his former wife, whose name is not mentioned, remarried a man named Jeffrey Weisberg.

John Lee Bottom Affair

John Lee Bottom, before getting married to Arlyn, had a secret affair with an unidentified woman. As a result of this affair, his daughter Jodean Bottom was born. However, his family was unaware of Jodean's existence for several years until a close friend revealed the truth to them. When John's son, River, discovered this information, he took it upon himself to locate Jodean and ensure her well-being along with her own daughter.

John Lee Bottom Cause of Death

After the divorce, his struggles did not end there, as he was diagnosed with cancer and fought against it for numerous years. Unfortunately, in 2015, at the age of 68, John passed away due to this relentless disease. Cancer ultimately claimed his life, marking the end of his journey.

John Lee Bottom Net worth

John Lee Bottom worked as a carpenter for many years but his net worth were not known. However, his son Joaquin Phoenix has a sizable net worth of $50 million, which he has earned through his successful acting career. It is evident that John's children, including Joaquin, have achieved great success in their respective fields.
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