Tash Peterson Now - Is She On OnlyFans?

Tash Peterson Now - Is She On OnlyFans?

Tash Peterson, an animal activist known for burning legal notices banning her from all restaurants and pubs in the state after run-ins with chefs who banned vegans. She was an outspoken animal rights activist who was often vocal about her beliefs and would often use her platform to protest and challenge businesses. After being banned from a restaurant, she decided to burn the legal notice as a form of protest against the restaurant chef's decision.


Following an ugly exchange with chef John Mountain at his Perth restaurant Fyre on June 30 and July 8, 2023, she was banned from entering any venues serving alcohol for a year.

She annoyed customers by playing loud recordings of screaming pigs while ranting about the "animal doom."

Tash Peterson get banned from vegan restaurants

Tash Peterson is known for her aggressive and hostile style of protest. That's why, she has been barred from entering licensed venues in the state.


She often appears naked, covered in body paint, or wearing fetish gear, during her public protests. She uses her body art as a form of self-expression and to create visual representations of what she stands for in an aggressive way.

In fact, after banning from the restaurants, she challenged the authority of WA's court system and stated,

"I will continue to go into restaurants and places with liquor licenses if they are profiting and serving animal abuse, torture, enslavement and murder.

No-one can stop me from bringing to light the largest holocaust in history where trillions of non-human people are brutally murdered simply for human pleasure."

Is Tash Peterson on Onlyfans?

Yes, Tash Peterson is on Onlyfans. She shares racy content to OnlyFans where she reportedly made as much as $40,000 per month, as per Daily Mail.


Tash Peterson's social media

Tash Peterson has 55.3K followers on TikTok and 22k followers on Instagram, as an adult-only model on OnlyFans.


Tash Peterson height and weight

The beautiful animal activist Tash Peterson stands 5'7'' (170 cm) and body weight is 120 lbs.

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