Kat Stacks Now - Former South Florida stripper

Kat Stacks Now - Former South Florida stripper

Kat Stacks, a former South Florida stripper and infamous hip-hop groupie, is now facing ousting. She has found herself on the receiving end of a backlash she never expected.

The once-blessed figure in the hip-hop industry is now facing a wave of criticism and rejection from both fans and artists alike. Her fall from grace has been swift and merciless, leaving her in a weak spot as she tries to cope with a society that no longer welcomes her with open arms.


Stacks, whose real name is Andrea Herrera who came to prominence a few years ago with a Twitter account and YouTube channel and now has been ordered by a judge to return to her native Venezuela.

She claimed to have slept with dozens of rappers, and she dished dirt on them all. Also, she became notorious and changing in the hip hop scene after Riptide chronicled her activities in 2010. Both Nicki Minaj and 50 Cent have verbally attacked her.


In 2010, she has been locked up in a Louisiana immigration detention center. For her actions, she also went to the jail.

Kat Stacks' mother and Wiki

Kat Stacks' mother, Johnyelsi Cardenas, has custody of Stack's two-year-old soon and is fighting to keep Stacks in the country and out of jail.

Cardenas, who has been a beacon of support for her daughter throughout the ups and downs of her difficult life, is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure Stacks' well-being.


With the looming threat of removal and potential imprisonment, Cardenas finds herself fighting a complex legal battle to secure a brighter future for both her daughter.

Where is Kat Stacks now?

Kat Stacks was a victim of underage child sex trafficking who created the Kat Stacks identity to cope with her trauma.

Currently, she is raising her own sons. She claims that if she is allowed to stay, she will give up the Kat Stacks identity completely. In an interview with XXL mag she said,
"I was just messed up in the head and I just lashed out on hurt, on pain, on being mad. I just wasn't right back then. I just had gotten out of the pimp scene. I was in that scene since I was 14 years old. I didn't know any better."
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