Pata Seca Age, Wiki, Children, Wife - He had more than 200 children

Pata Seca Age, Wiki, Children, Wife - He had more than 200 children

Pata Seca also known as Roque José Florêncio who was born in 1828 in Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brazil. As he grew up, he was strong, tall, had thin shins, a very showy black, so his owner chose him to be a breeding slave in the senzala.


Pata Seca Wiki and Biography

Pata Seca, starred in one of the most famous stories in São Carlos (SP), where he arrived at the age of 12 on a farm in the district of Santa Eudóxia. He died in 1958 at the age of 130 after having 249 children, according to his family. Nine of them with wife Palmira. The others were generated in the slave quarters.

He was a breeding slave in addition to her miserable life in the fields. He was nearly 7 feet tall (2.18 metres) and had enormous power, displayed extraordinary bravery, wisdom, and charm despite these difficulties.


He made many attempts to escape his owner and assisted other slaves in finding refuge in settlements called quilombos.

Pata Seca Grandchildren

Pata Seca great great grandson name is, Davi who is 08 years old, as in 2023, as per Globo.
"Some don't remember them, but they suffered a lot, they were icons and should be remembered", defends Davi, 8 years old, Pata Seca's great-grandson"

According to his great-granddaughter Maria Madalena Florêncio Florentino, Pata Seca's unique constitution meant that he was chosen by the farmer as a breeder, responsible for impregnating the farm's female slaves for the generation of new captives.

Pata Seca Wife

Pata Seca was married with his wife Palmira who was a remarkable lady. She was strong and courageous, standing by her husband during their fight for equality.

Pata Seca's Great Great Grandson, Davi

She was a talented nurse in the quilombo, tending to the sick and wounded with her knowledge of medicinal herbs. They stood together in the face of colonial forces, protecting their land.

Highlights From Pata Seca Story

  • 'Breeder slave' had more than 200 children and lived 130 years, says family
  • Unpublished documents of slavery that should have been burned are recovered after more than 130 years in Araraquara
  • Registry registered 208 slave sales transactions during 17 years in Araraquara

Pata Seca Funeral

Pata died in 1958 and hundreds of mourners paid their respects to the man who lived to be 130 years old. A memorial to him presently sits at his gravesite in Santa Eudóxia.

The unyielding legacy of Pata lives on via the naming of streets, schools, monuments, and artworks after him. We still remember Pata for his legacy, great work and achievements.

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