George Stroumboulopoulos Partner - Is He Dating?

George Stroumboulopoulos Partner - Is He Dating?

George Stroumboulopoulos began working in radio for a British Columbia rock station and is one of Canada's most popular broadcasters. He is a radio host on CBC Music, in Dec 2019. He was raised in Toronto and worked at rock radio in Kelowna, British Columbia. His fan often search about him, is he married or dating?


George Stroumboulopoulos Relationship

George Stroumboulopoulos' partner is, Natasha Gargiulo, an an award-winning multi-platform media personality, TV/ radio & podcast host, as per LinkedIn.


They both attend the 13th Annual Artists for Peace and Justice Fundraiser during Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2021 in Toronto, Ontario.

Natasha Gargiulo and George were among the renowned guests in the event.

Who is Natasha Gargiulo?

Natasha Gargiulo made a name for herself as the co-host of I HEART Radio's long running and most popular, top rated Montreal morning show. She is a Montreal native.


She is also known for her work in movies like, for Long Shot (2019), 10.5: Apocalypse (2006) and Durham County (2007).

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Are Natasha Gargiulo and George still together?


Yes, they both are dating and still in a committed relationship. Despite being public figures, Natasha Gargiulo and George Stroumboulopoulos have managed to keep their relationship relatively private.

They have been dating for several years and continue to support each other in their respective careers. George believes in,

"Show that you can grow, show that you can evolve, show that you can be lovelier, smarter and doper. Show that you can acknowledge the mistakes of your past and make your present abiut expanding and shining a light on others… Run a killer magazine, fashion, line, film company, never lose your cool. Be funny, make great music. LISTEN TO GREAT MUSIC. That my friends is just a part of the legacy of Beastie Boys."

George Stroumboulopoulos' career key highlights

  • Stroumboulopoulos worked at MuchMusic as producer and host of 'The Punk Show', from 2000 to 2004.
  • He was featured on CBC television's The Greatest Canadian, in 2004.
  • He hosted the American reality television talent show, The One: Making a Music Star, in 2006.
  • He became the host for his new show called STROMBO, in 2020.
  • He has also hosted a highly regarded documentary series of CBC, "Love, Hate & Propaganda."
  • He is a vegan and straight edge lifestyle.
  • He loves watching Montreal Canadiens hockey team.
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