Who is Roger Cawley, Goolagong Cawley's husband?

Who is Roger Cawley, Goolagong Cawley's husband?

Roger Cawley is the spouse of Goolagong Cawley, a well-known tennis player. They met in 1973, and the two married in June 19, 1975. Goolagong Cawley is an Australian former World No. 1 tennis player, and since her retirement, she and her husband Roger have been involved in a number of charitable causes.


In the UK, he was a junior tennis player. Roger and Goolagong continued their success on the court, winning numerous national and international tournaments throughout their career. Couple get crown at Palladium in Melbourne, Australia, for the 2015 Newcombe Medal ceremony.

Roger Cawley's wife - Goolagong Cawley

Roger Cawley's wife was exposed to tennis when she was a child. Bill Kurtzman, her next-door neighbor, encouraged her to play tennis. Bill was an avid tennis player and was eager to share his passion for the sport with anyone who showed an interest. He saw potential in Goolagong Cawley and wanted to give her the opportunity to excel in the sport.


Goolagong's natural talent and athleticism and knew that she could be successful in tennis if given the chance. He even went as far as to drive her to tournaments in nearby towns and cities so that she could compete. She used to reside in Barellan with her parents at the time.

Roger Cawley and Goolagong Cawley marriage

Married to Goolagong Cawley in 1975, he had a daughter in 1977. Her career win/loss percentage was 81.0% (704–165).

In various commercials included KFC, he appeared with his wife, Goolagong Cawley, Geritol and Sears, where his wife, also promoted her own sports clothing brand 'Go Goolagong.


Goolagong Cawley relationship with Edwards deteriorated when she began seeing Roger Cawley, a former junior British tennis player, in 1971, but she remained legally married to Edwards, who managed her career and money until her marriage to Cawley on June 19, 1975.

Although Edwards remained Goolagong's official coach for Wimbledon in 1975, the two never longer spoke after that. Edwards sat on the other side of the players' box from his former protege Roger Cawley throughout her matches in the event since he and Cawley had fallen out of touch.

After they were married, Cawley started training her, striking with her, and managing her career. She moved to Naples, Florida, after her wedding.

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