How old is Jaine Nelson | Hidden facts about her

How old is Jaine Nelson | Hidden facts about her

Jaine Nelson is a youtuber, a lady known for her beauty, siblings love and social media personality. She is widely known for her presence on YouTube, where she shares beauty tips, makeup tutorials, and product reviews.


She is known for her 'Not Enough Nelsons' YouTube channel and has 2.58M subscribers, as in 2023. She has advertised for companies like PMD Beauty on her Instagram page.

On her Instagram account, she has posted advertisements for businesses like PMD Beauty. Her Instagram page boasts a large following, making it an effective platform for reaching a huge fan and followers.

Jaine Nelson grew up with siblings

Jaine Nelson grew up with her siblings, KassaDee, Nayvee, LiLee, KennaDee, Luke, PaisLee, Beckham, PresLee Grace, Bridger, ElleCee, and Ledger.


She and her parents, and her many siblings share vlogs, skits, challenges and dancing videos. She grew up in St. George, Utah. Her Instagram account is dedicated to makeup. Her mother's name is Tiffany and she has 15 siblings in total.

Her sister, KassaDee's made her first Tweet on the 19th of July, 2013. It read - "If you live in Cox Landing, I was probably in your pool last night!"

Her family posted an eating challenge video where the last kid to eat wins, in February of 2019. It was one of their most popular uploads, amassing over 900 thousand views in less than 2 months. Some of her favorite snacks are pickles, Funyuns, and Lawry's Salt.

Jaine Nelson's age

Born on September 19, 2002, Jaine Nelson's age is 20 years old, as in 2023. Her birth sign is Virgo. In Dec 2018, she made her YouTube debut with a video.


Why is Jaine Nelson so famous?

Known for her fashion and lifestyle themed Instagram account, she has actively engaged with her followers by sharing her personal experiences and offering style tips and tricks.

Alongside her creative pursuits, she has been an active member of the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ and belongs to Christianity.

Hidden facts about Jaine Nelson

  • Jaine Nelson's fav color is White - She loves how it represents purity and simplicity. It reminds her of a blank canvas, full of endless possibilities.
  • Loves having fruits for her glowing skin - She believes in the power of natural remedies and understands that a healthy diet plays a crucial role in maintaining her radiant complexion. She enjoys having fruits and nutritious smoothies that not only benefit her skin but also boost her overall well-being.
  • In 2019, she was photographed with Christian French.
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