Agent 00 Age, Net Worth, Wiki and Real Name

Agent 00 Age, Net Worth, Wiki and Real Name

Agent 00, a Video gamer hails from Canada. His channel became one of the top trusted place for NBA 2K players, providing tips, strategies, and insights into the game. His success is largely due to his in-depth knowledge of the game and his ability to teach others how to play it well.

He is also known for his creative approach to teaching the game. He often uses analogies, metaphors, and examples from real-life basketball to help explain the game. On his 'Agent00gaming' YouTube channel, he has 1.76 subscribers, in June 2023.


He has an eye for detail and can quickly identify areas of the game that can be improved upon. His videos are entertaining and engaging, which has kept people coming back for more.

How old is Agent 00?

Born on April 23, 1996, Agent 00's age is 27 years old. His real name is, Din Muktar.


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Agent 00 Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $1 million to $5 million, as per Legit.

Agent 00 began his channel in 2013

When Agent 00 started his channel in 2013. His one of video titled, "PLAYING EVERY SINGLE NBA 2K GAME IN ONE VIDEO..." has vouchsafe 7M views.


His YouTube channel bio read as,

"My gaming channel focused on NBA 2K22 content. News, gameplay & commentary on the game. If you fw NBA 2K, stick around."


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 Not only on YouTube, he has 538K followers on his, 'callmeagentzero' Instagram account.

Agent 00 height and weight

Agent 00's height is 168 m, as per legit and body weight is around 151 lbs.
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