Wendy Rossmeyer Age, Wikipedia and Children

Wendy Rossmeyer Age, Wikipedia and Children

Wendy Rossmeyer is a former model and wife of Tim Van Patten who has directed episodes of famous hit series such as, Perry Mason, Boardwalk Empire, Black Mirror, Deadwood, Ed, Game of Thrones, The Pacific, Rome, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, and The Wire.


She is very choosy about her house d├ęcor and shares a diary of her and her mom’s Save Venice house experience. Whether it's a painting, poem, film, architecture, or song she said "it inspires me to be creative."

She believes in,

"Every day is a new opportunity to express a different side of myself. Sometimes I like to think of myself as a blank canvas and play around with my outfit with colors and shapes. I like playing pretend, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to fashion. "

Wendy Rossmeyer Age, Biography and Wiki

Born in 1962, Wendy Rossmeyer age is 61 years old, in 2023. She is very close to her mother and grew up in New York means endless inspiration.

"My mom is very playful and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s confident and inspires me to speak my truth and always embrace individuality."

She try to see and learn something new about the city every day. Her sister reminded to look at life imaginatively.


"My mom and I are very different when it comes to style, but she is my biggest cheerleader when I take a “risk” and ask her advice. I have learned a lot, especially recently, from my mom prioritizing comfort in everyday style. Comfort can still look put together."

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Wendy Rossmeyer's husband - Tim Van Patten

Wendy Rossmeyer married Tim in 1996. Couple has two children together named, Anna Van Patten and Grace Van Patten. Her husband Tim He has been nominated at the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Who is Wendy Rossmeyer daughter, Grace Van Patten?

Grace Van Patten was a self-described "tomboy" and played volleyball and basketball. She also enjoyed the sense of accomplishment she felt after mastering a new skill. She owned a mini chopper motorcycle at a young age; her grandfather, Bruce Rossmeyer, had owned several Harley-Davidson dealerships that are now run by her mother.


Her interest in motorcycles and her athletic background helped her to land the role of Daphne, a biker chick in the movie The Meyerowitz Stories. This is an example of how having diverse interests and skills can open up unexpected opportunities.

Her family lives in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, and she is the niece of comic actor Dick Van Patten. She has a cousin named Talia Balsam, whose mother is Joyce Van Patten.

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