Top 10 Incest movies - Here's also our best choice

Top 10 Incest movies - Here's also our best choice

From the controversial 'Game of Thrones' to the classic 'Romeo and Juliet', these movies and TV shows explore the complex issues of family relationships, forbidden love, and societal expectations.

They offer a unique perspective on these themes and can be a valuable tool for understanding and discussion. Here are something different themed movie and series. Find out top 10 Incest movies and TV shows in 2023. These movies and tv shows not only interesting to watch but also a full use your time in a productive way.

10. Beautiful Kate (2009)

Beautiful Kate is a 2009 Australian drama.

Official plot of the movie is, "A writer reawakens his childhood trauma from the past when he returns home, at the request of his estranged sister, to grieve their father's impending death."

Movie cast - Ben Mendelsohn, Bryan Brown, Maeve Dermody, Sophie Lowe, Rachel Griffiths

The rating of the movie is 6.6 as per IMDb.

9. Against the Wind (1990)

It is a 1990 Spanish incest-themed drama film whose story revolves around, "tracks the resumption of the sibling incest held between Juan and his sister Ana, once Juan, living in a small village in Andalusia, faces Ana's arrival to town, thus putting aside his budding relationship with Rosario, a local woman."

Running time of the movie is 95 min.

8. Pleasant Days (2002)

It is the story about a man Peter.

When Peter got out of jail, he went back to his hometown in the hopes that this new beginning would bring him happiness. He finds out to his shock that his sister has taken in a newborn boy as a foster kid, but the child's biological mother, the lavish and promiscuous Maya, wants her baby back.

Peter develops romantic feelings towards Maya. He can't decide between his fiancée and the sister he's attempting to control. But now he must make a decision, and the prospect of happiness, which had seemed so near, evaporates.

7. Sister My Sister (1994)

A movie that keep you thrilled and eager to the end. In fact, in the mid of this movie you want to take spoiler from the internet.

The plot of the movie is, "Two sisters separated in childhood reunite years later as servants at a household in France. Their happiness to be reunited spirals into an incestuous relationship."

6. Kissing My Sister (2000)

Another movie that make you crave about knowing the climax.

Plot of the movie is, "Teen brother and sister who rarely get to see each other fall in love with one another one summer."
  • Director: Dror Zahavi
  • Stars: Florian Heiden, Alexandra Schalaudek, August Zirner, Christian Wunderlich

5. Torn Apart (2006)

In this dramatic story, two individuals are caught up in a passionate but forbidden love. Christine is a wealthy businesswoman who is married to Mario and the mother of two. But despite being married, she continues an affair with her brother Christophe, a guy she has known for years.

They are both well-aware of the risks associated with their incestuous connection and have taken steps to terminate it. Neither of them is strong enough to quit their relationship, and she hasn't worked up the nerve to tell her brother that Mario has gotten a promotion at work that requires him to move to a different city.

Synopsis of the movie is, "The story of a love relationship between a brother and sister and an eventual breakup that will forever change their lives."

4. Little Sister (1995)

Little Sister is a Dutch award-winning drama film which also won the Golden Calf for Best Feature Film.

Movie story is about, "Martijn is obsessed with his younger sister Daantje and visits her to make a documentary about her. He manages to invade Daantje's life with his video camera, but soon unresolved issues from a distant past come to the surface."

3. Vague Stars of Ursa... (1965)

This is a bit old movie but worth watching it if you're fan of Incest movies. It is story about Sandra returns to her childhood village to take care of family business, but her childhood memories and secrets soon overcome her.

Vague Stars of Ursa... (1965)
"Vaghe stelle dell'Orsa, io non credea 
Tornare ancor per uso a contemplarvi
Sul paterno giardino scintillanti, 
E ragionar con voi dalle finestre 
Di questo albergo ove abitai fanciullo, 
E delle gioie mie vidi la fine.(...)"
It premiered at the 26th Venice International Film Festival, where it won the Golden Lion.

2. Hemel (2012)

This an another Dutch drama film which was released in 2012.  It was given the FIPRESCI award for best film in the Forum section.

Here, we just give you a little starting point of the story which is, "Hemel (Hannah Hoekstra) is a young woman who frequently has one night stands with strangers. She has a close relationship with her father, Gijs (Hans Dagelet). Joining her father for a dinner party she witnesses him break up with his girlfriend, Emma, just beforehand causing an awkward scene at the party."

Movie is directed by Sacha Polak.

Stars: Hannah Hoekstra, Hans Dagelet, Mark Rietman, Barbara Sarafian

1. Chinatown (1974)

This movie is our personal pick up choice to watch. IMDb rating for this movie is 8.2.

Chinatown is a classic movie whose remakes are also available in Bollywood. In fact, 'Raat Akeli Hai', 'Manorama Six Feet Under' and 'Sonchiriya' all borrow elements from the 1974 American noir Chinatown.
  • Movie director - Roman Polanski
  • Stars: Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway, John Huston, Perry Lopez
Official synopsis of the movie is,

"A private detective hired to expose an adulterer in 1930s Los Angeles finds himself caught up in a web of deceit, corruption, and murder."

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