Miyagi Rapper| Age, Real Name, Family, Dating & Net Worth

Miyagi Rapper| Age, Real Name, Family, Dating & Net Worth

Miyagi, a Russian rapper who became a rising force in the Russian hip-hop scene. He has gained recognition for his unique style, which combines elements of Russian traditional music with modern hip-hop influences. His success has been attributed to his ability to capture the spirit of the Russian people and express it through his music.

Miyagi Rapper Bio

His famous tracks till date are, "When I Win," "No War," and "I Got Love." Some of his other songs includes, Kosandra, Minor, I Got Love, Brooklyn and a lot more. In 2016, he recorded the album Hajime 2 with rapper Endgame, with whom he has recorded numerous collaborations in the past as well as the album Hajime. He has been collaborated with rapper, Andy Panda and also with other rappers.

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Real Name Azamat Kudzaev
Age (In 2023) 32 years old
Net Worth $200k
Height In feet : 5 feet 10 inches
In m : 1.81
In cm: 181
Weight In Kg : 73
In lbs : 160
Nationality Russian
Ethnicity Multi-racial
Dating Single

How Old Is Rapper, Miyagi?

Miyagi age is 32 years old, as of 2023. He was born on December 13, 1990 in Vladikavkaz, Russia. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Although he attended medical school for a short period of time, he decided to abandon it in favor of music. He felt that music was his true passion, and he wanted to pursue it full-time. He felt that with medical school, he would not have the time to dedicate to his music career and would be unable to reach his full potential.

Miyagi Rapper Ethnicity

What Is The Real Name Of Miyagi?

Miyagi's real name is Azamat Kudzaev. His father was a renowned surgeon. Not much is known about his father.

Coming to his social media reach, the Instagram account of the Miyagi is currently has been deactivated. This was likely done for a variety of reasons, such as wanting to take a break from social media, or to avoid negative attention from online trolls.

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Is Miyagi Dating?

No, Miyagi is not dating and has hidden his love life from public attention. He has stated in interviews that he wants to keep his personal life private and does not want to share details about his relationships or dating life with the public.

How Tall Is Rapper, Miyagi?

Miyagi is 5 feet 10 inches (1.80 m).

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