How old is Lily Bird?

How old is Lily Bird?

Lily Bird's Instagram account has gained a large following, with fans admiring her dedication to living a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. Despite her past work in adult entertainment, she has successfully transitioned into a new chapter of her life, focusing on wellness and positivity.

Her journey from Pennsylvania to Tennessee showcases her resilience and determination to follow her passions, inspiring others to do the same. Lily Bird continues to use her platform to spread awareness about veganism, yoga, and the beauty of nature, making a positive impact on her followers' lives.

She is an Instagram user who shares her passion for nature, yoga, modeling, and leading a vegan lifestyle through her account.

She is best known for appearing in movies such as, is known for The Northman (2022), Dream Scenario (2023) and Beau Is Afraid (2023).

Lily Bird age

Lily Bird age is 15 years old, as of 2024. She was born in 2009 in Pennsylvania.

Lily Bird height and weight

Lily Bird stands at a height of 5'1'' and weighs around 50 Kg.

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