Anaida Poilievre Age, Husband and Trivia

Anaida Poilievre Age, Husband and Trivia

Anaida Poilievre is a Canadian political staffer and online magazine publisher who hails from Caracas, Venezuela. She is also best known as the wife of Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre.


How Old Is Anaida Poilievre?

Born in 1987, Anaida Poilievre age is 36 years old, as in 2023. She is basically from Venezuela but her family migrated to a new country and hard-scrabble upbringing in Montreal. She said,

"My father, he went from wearing business suits and managing a bank to jumping on the back of a pickup truck to collect fruits and vegetables, because that’s what he had to do to feed his family. There is no greater dignity than to provide for your own family."

She attended University of Ottawa and holds degree in communications. Her native language Spanish but also French and English. She is on Instagram.


In 2008, at the age of twenty, she worked as a parliamentary affairs Advisor in the Senate of Canada, and then she moved on to the House of Commons.She began her role as Claude Carignan's foreign affairs advisor in 2013.


She helped launch the fashion and leisure website Pretty and Smart Co. Poilievre was erroneously accused of being the CEO of Switch Health, a business that had secured contracts from the Canadian government to do Covid-19 testing, on Twitter by conspiracy theorist Chris Sky in March 2023. Sky's claims were supported by data from the AI system ChatGPT.

"COVER UP EXPOSED @PierrePoilievres wife @AnaPoilievre wife in 2020 was CEO of SWITCH HEALTH leading supplier of covid test kits"

Personal Life

Anaida Poilievre is married with Pierre Poilievre. They tied knot in 2017. As per nationalpost, they met and fell in love on the Hill. The wedding was full-on political affair and the guest list was packed with legislators and backroom operatives.


At first sympathetic to quarantine measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, she subsequently expressed disappointment with Canada's policy on public health.

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In August of 2023, she featured in a promotional campaign for the Conservative Party. They  have raised two kids. Family resides in Greely, Ontario. Couple also owns property in the nearby Ottawa neighbourhood of Orleans.


Key Highlights

  • She studied communications at the University of Ottawa.
  • She has worked several retail and customer service jobs before taking a job as a Parliamentary Affairs Advisor for the Senate of Canada in 2008.
  • As per her LinkedIn profile, she still works in the House of Commons.


  • Anaida Poilievre is a self-proclaimed lady who loves to read about tech, business and entrepreneurship.
  • She also loves to travel and is always on the quest for the best cappuccino.
  • Her nickname is, Ana.
  • She elegantly tied her own biography to her husband's inflation-centered campaign by describing a childhood in which the Galindos lived "paycheque to paycheque" and where fuelling the car with petrol was not a luxury but a necessity to keep working.
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