Sona Movsesian's net worth - Know some trivia about her

Sona Movsesian's net worth - Know some trivia about her

Sona Movsesian has been the personal assistant of late-night talk show and released a humorous how-to book titled The World's Worst Assistant, which became a 'New York Times Best Seller'. She is well-known for her role as Conan O'Brien's personal assistant and social media star. She has made many guest appearances. She is an Armenian Orthodox Christian.


Sona Movsesian's career

In 2009

  • She began her career with NBC as events and operations coordinator.
  • In 2009, while O'Brien was still the host of "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien," she was hired to be his assistant.

In 2011

  • Movsesian has been featured in the 2011 documentary Conan O'Brien 'Can't Stop'.
  • She has been a guest on many episodes of Conan and The Tonight Show.

In 2015

  • She appeared in the television special Conan in Armenia.
  • The show was about O'Brien.
  • Movsesian and O'Brien's relationship has been described as atypical.
  • Their pair as host and assistant praised by fans and called it 'playful laziness and dysfunctional dynamic'.

In 2018

  • Movsesian started co-hosting the podcast Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend alongside O'Brien and podcaster Matt Gourley.

In 2019

  • She is interviewed by O'Brien on the show 'Movsesian on Conan'.
  • She also gives her voice to Princess Sugar Salt in the American French comic Power Players.

In 2021

  • Movsesian announced she was writing a book titled 'The World's Worst Assistant', on June 18, 2021.

In 2022

  • On July 19, 2022, 'The World's Worst Assistant' book was released, and includes a foreword written by Conan O'Brien.
  • It was a New York Times Best Seller, debuting at number six in the category of "Advice, How-To & Miscellaneous".
"My book comes out in a week! I forgot to mention in the very well produced video I made that my podcast pal Matt Gourley will be joining me in LA. He is just the best."

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Who is Sona Movsesian's husband?

In 2018, Sona Movsesian tied knot with Tak Boroyan, a graphic artist at Holy Cross Apostolic Cathedral in Montebello, California.


She has twin boys Mikey, 02, and Charlie, 02 who was born on July 1, 2021. She announced about her pregnancy in the episode of Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend, on February 15, 2021. She has a dog named, Oki.


Sona Movsesian's net worth explored

As in 2023, her net worth as $24,000 - $1 million. She is an author, executive assistant and media personality.


Her 'sonamov' Instagram account has 150K followers. She promotes '' on her account. Her profile bio read as,
"Life’s candy and the sun’s a ball of buttah"



  • She loves watching LAFC game on Sunday night.
  • She loves eating nachos, hot dog and popcorn.
  • She loves spending time with her cousins. She wrote on her Instagram's caption under and image,
"My cousins and I at the Bridging the Borders fundraiser yesterday supporting our cousin Susan (I have a lot of cousins). This is how I look when I’m out past 9pm #crazyeyes"

  • Her father passed away in 2021 just three days before her sons was born.
"Three days before my boys were born, I had to say goodbye to my Dede. I would go to visit him and my Yaya Fridays after work and he would grill up some lamb chops and Yaya would make me French fries. I’m happy they’re together again but I miss the two of them so much and I would give anything for another one of those Fridays. This is my favorite photo of the them. Hug your grandparents."

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