Shaniis World Age, Net Worth, Family, Biography

Shaniis World Age, Net Worth, Family, Biography

Shaniis World, a popular English YouTuber who often discusses his family and routine. In his videos, he shares interesting facts about his family's daily life and provides a peek into his own personal life which find his followers very useful.

From funny mishaps during family vacations to the challenges of balancing work and family time, his videos are full of color and emotions.


He also uploads videos of his family's dining, any Muslim festival celebration, cooking for, and eating together. From colorful festivals to special family dinners, his stories become as a lively celebration for his fans also.


His '@ShaniisWorld' channel has almost 315K subscribers. He began his channel on 16 Oct 2016. He introduces his channel as,

"A channel sharing family life, cooking videos,  and an insight into my life. Business and Collaborations:"

How Old Is Shaniis World?


Born on September 11, 1990 in England, Shaniis World age is 32 years old, as in 2023. His birth sign is Virgo. In 2016, he joined YouTube and his earliest video is a cooking demo which titled as, 'PAKISTAN KI FAMILY KA PYAR BARA DINNER INVITATION 🥘❤️' and has 65,725 views, as of Sep 2023.

His fans often appreciate his videos and wrote,

One user wrote,

"Assalamualikum to u all MashaaAllah so nice to see u all having fun also the food looks very very delicious 😊 Allah always bless you and mama bear Aameen take care stay safe Aaminah from Leicester ❤😊"

Another wrote,

"Ma sha ALLAH ❤️ May ALLAH protect us from every good and evil eye and always keep us happy with love and agreement 🤝💟 Ameeen 🤲🏻"

Third fan wrote,

"AOA! so glad to see them here in Lahore. My   Mother loves auntie SO MUCH and we would like to host them. Please let me know how can I do that. Thank you so much ❤❤"

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Shaniis World Biography

Shaniis World is grew up with his family and sisters. He posted a video of his sister's 19th birthday party, in Jan 2020.


He is a married man. He is happily married with his wife, 'Samira', as of 2023. He also wrote for his beautiful wife on Instagram,

"Argh Her Smile & The Way She Looks !!! She’s Royal I Tell You ❤️ @shanii.samirasworld"

Couple has not any children as of now.

His videos began to go viral as he started featuring major celebrities from all over the world. When his popularity grew, he became a subject of curiosity for the rest of the world as people wanted to know more about this newly emerged YouTuber.


What Is The Net Worth Of Shaniis World?

Shaniis World's net worth is estimated to be $648 thousand, as in 2023.

Shaniis World Height and Weight

His height is 5'10'' (1.83 m) and body is about 157 lbs. Shaniis is active on Instagram where his user name is, 'shaniis_world'.

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