Myfanwy Edwards Roberts Wiki - Meet Mother Of Naomi Watts

Myfanwy Edwards Roberts Wiki - Meet Mother Of Naomi Watts

Myfanwy Edwards Roberts is best known as the mother of Naomi Watts, who made her film debut there in the drama For Love Alone (1986), a a British actress. She cast in psychological thriller Mulholland Drive and from then she began to rise international prominence.


Myfanwy Edwards Roberts Husband

Myfanwy Edwards Roberts was married with Peter Watts (1946–1976), a road manager and sound engineer who worked with Pink Floyd. Watts's maternal grandfather was Welsh.

Myfanwy Edwards Roberts Biography

Myfanwy Edwards Roberts, an antiques dealer and costume and set designer. She was born to Nikki Roberts and Hugh Roberts. She divorced with Peter Watts when Naomi Watts was four years old.

After the divorce, Watts and her elder brother, Ben Watts, moved several times across South East England with their mother. In 1974, Peter Watts left Pink Floyd and remarried in 1976. In August 1976, he was found dead in a flat in Notting Hill, of an apparent heroin overdose.

Following his death, Myfanwy Edwards Roberts moved the family to Llanfawr Farm in Llangefni and Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, towns on the island of Anglesey in North Wales, where they lived with Watts's maternal grandparents, Nikki and Hugh Roberts, for three years.


During this time, Naomi Watts went to Welsh medium school, Ysgol Gyfun Llangefni. She later said of her time in Wales:

"We took Welsh lessons in a school in the middle of nowhere while everyone else was taking English. Wherever we moved, I would adapt and pick up the regional accent. It's obviously significant now, me being an actress. Anyway, there was quite a lot of sadness in my childhood, but no lack of love."

Myfanwy Edwards Roberts married for the second time

In 1978, Myfanwy Edwards Roberts remarried (though she later divorced) and Watts and her brother then moved to Suffolk, where she attended Thomas Mills High School.

Myfanwy Edwards Roberts' daughter, Naomi Watts has stated that she wanted to become an actress after seeing her mother performing on stage and from the time she watched the 1980 film Fame. When Watts was fourteen, she moved to Sydney in Australia with her mother, brother and stepfather, in 1982.

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Myfanwy Edwards Roberts' profession

Myfanwy established a career in the burgeoning film business, working as a stylist for television commercials, then turning to costume design, ultimately working for the soap opera Return to Eden.

After emigrating, Myfanwy put her daughter Naomi in acting lessons and later she auditioned for numerous television advertisements, where she met and befriended actress Nicole Kidman.

In 1986, Naomi Watts obtained her first role in the drama film, For Love Alone which was produced by Margaret Fink. Myfanwy Edwards Roberts has a grandchild, Sasha Schreiber.

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