Josh Demas Birthday, Age and Spilt From Jackie Bonds

Josh Demas Birthday, Age and Spilt From Jackie Bonds

Josh Demas, a reality star who is known for Love Is Blind season 4. By profession, he is an old dental assistant and his likable personality and good looks quickly caught the attention of casting directors.


Josh Demas Birthday, Age and Wiki

Born on June 12, 1991, in USA, Josh Demas age is 32 years old, as in 2023. He stands 6 feet tall. He regularly shares selfies, snapshots, and updates on his life, he is also an avid fan of the TV show 'Love is Blind'. He regularly shares about it on both his stories and regular posts, showing his enthusiasm for the show. 


His family and personal background remain largely private. There is limited information available about his parents and whether he has any siblings.

Josh Demas Spilt From Jackie Bonds

Josh Demas was dating Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds but announced their separation, during an Instagram Live session in 2023.


In the Instagram Q&A session in May 2023, Jackie revealed that she and Josh had a deep connection and understanding for each other. They discussed their journey of finding true love and emphasized the importance of building a lasting relationship.

She said,

"I always dreamed for a love like this. He really is my twin,” she wrote alongside a photo of the couple, who had moved in together after the show. “We both make each other laugh. He understands me, he is such a man of patience. I know his buttons [and] he knows mine. We barely argue."

"As I cry & try to fight the world, he tried his hardest to defend me while hiding his pain. In my times fighting I forgot about how it would affect him. I broke his heart and it harbors in my soul still."

"This is my love, soul & heart. I take his love with me everywhere. The love I feel for him is unimaginable. Part of my chromosome, part of my DNA."

Josh Demas Net Worth


As in 2023, Josh Demas' net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

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