Donna Goudeau Now - What happened To Her?

Donna Goudeau Now - What happened To Her?

Donna Goudeau gained popularity through a video of her arrest that became widely shared on the internet. While many found the video witty, it also highlighted the unfortunate events surrounding her situation. People have been curious about what has happened to her since then, as their interest of her largely comes from that viral moment.


Donna Goudeau Biography

In 2014, Donna gained nationwide recognition after her arrest video went viral on various social media platforms. The video which shows her arrest and subsequent interview with the media garnered thousands of views and made her an internet sensation.

It was Donna's compelling statements during the interview that caught people's attention and drove her to online controversy.

What happened with Donna Goudeau?

Donna's arrest took place in 2011 at the Driftwood Inn. Donna, along with two men named Keyron Elmore and Jeremy Goudeau were a part in a violent robbery targeting an older man.


During the robbery, the trio assaulted the older man, Juan Sustaita and forcefully took his belongings and took his Debit card's Pin, leaving him injured and traumatized.

The police were alerted to the incident by witnesses and were able to apprehend Donna and her accomplices shortly after they fled the scene. The evidence collected at the crime scene such as fingerprints and video footage, played a crucial role in linking Donna to the robbery and ensuring her arrest.

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Why Donna Goudeau's arrest video became so much viral?

Donna's arrest video gained mass attention leading to her being known to as the "legally blind girl." In the video, Donna can be heard making comments about her conditions potentially bringing light on the reasons behind her arrest.

She said,

"All I know is my side of the story; I can't tell no other story; I’m innocent, hey mama, I love you, P.O.P. hold it down, Pimp Squad baby, for life. They are saying I drove the getaway car, but I cannot see; I’m legally blind, that’s my story, and I'm sticking to it. I’m a female. Hey, I got something else to say; come to the other side.  My name is Goudeau, I’m not no Goudeau"

Donna Goudeau Now

Donna Goudeau's arrest led to her being charged with serious robbery which ultimately finished in her receiving an 18-year prison sentence. Her partners faced even more severe consequences as they received more severe sentences than she did.


At the time of his sentencing, Keyron was only 28 years old and he received a 60-year prison sentence. Jeremy, another conspirator, was given a life sentence for his role in the crime. At the time of his sentencing, Jeremy was 20 years old.

When Will Donna Goudeau Released?

Donna Goudeau got sentenced in 2011 and her schedule release date will be on July 19, 2029. As in 2023, she is in prison Dr Lane Murray Unit, Gatesville, Texas.

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