Amanda Riley's Husband Cory - How Many Kids She Have?

Amanda Riley's Husband Cory - How Many Kids She Have?

Amanda Riley, a former teacher and principal from Northern California who was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to soliciting over $100,000 in donations for cancer treatment that she never needed or received. She found guilty in May 2022.

Her fraudulent actions not only betrayed the trust of her well wishers but also misused the social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


On TikTok and Twitter, countless discussions sparked about Riley and her twisted web of deceit. She was able to fool those who loved and cared for her.

She plundered $105,513 slated for cancer treatment and used it to pay for her personal living expenses rather than any cancer treatment.

She fooled everyone around her and told friends, family, and internet strangers, via social media and a blog, that she had Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She did this drama from 2012 to 2019.


Glamour reported, the US Attorney’s office said, and that,

"She used her presence on these sites to ‘document’ her nonexistent medical condition and to aggressively solicit donations, supposedly to cover her medical expenses."

In the shake of making money, she not only shaved her head but also falsified medical records, and even sued. She looted $105,000 over the seven-year period.

Amanda Riley's Husband

Amanda Riley is married with Cory. They together have two sons. After her scam came out, she was fired up from the Principal job and ultimately lost her job at Pac Point Christina Academy in Gilroy and moved her family to Texas.

She has a brother named, Tom Maneri. He said in an interview with NY Post,

"Significant and life-changing. most likely started out as an outcry for attention and help. I’m confident she was in too deep and didn’t know how to climb back out of the hole she had been digging for so long,” he said in a written statement in court. “After you’ve been living with a big lie on your chest for years, I can imagine it becomes part of your identity. Legal repercussions of her actions” so that his family can “work toward a healthier and brighter future."

Her father name is, Thomas Maneri.

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When Will Amanda Riley Get Released From The Jail?

She will release from jail in May 2027. She has also told to pay back $105,513 in compensation. According to the podcast, this was the first financial conviction of someone by the IRS for using a disease hoax to raise money.


Public defender Jodi Linker wrote,

"She is extremely remorseful and is determined to do everything possible both to make restitution and to earn the forgiveness of the people she has hurt."

Jodi defended her and also said Riley was dealing with mental health problems.

"Devoted wife and mother as well as a gifted teacher. On the surface, Ms. Riley’s upbringing appears to have been relatively stable. Traumatic events in Riley’s younger years. Her parents fought often and sometimes imposed harsh punishments on the children, but her basic needs were met, and while she did not have many friends growing up, she was an excellent student who participated in extracurricular activities."

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