Theo Hernandez's Parents - Laurence Py and Father Jean Francois

Theo Hernandez's Parents - Laurence Py and Father Jean Francois

Theo Hernandez is a French professional footballer and joined Atlético Madrid's academy in 2007, aged nine. Until 2026 February 11, his contract with Milan was extended. His mother Laurence Py is from Marseille and father Jean Francois, is from Tours.

Jean is a former footballer. Growing up in a household where football was a way of life, it was no surprise that Theo Hernandez inherited his father's passion for the sport.

Jean's career as a footballer not only inspired his son, but also provided him with priceless wisdom and support throughout his own journey in the world of professional football.

With a mother from Marseille and a father from Tours, Theo's upbringing was infused with a rich blend of footballing traditions from different regions of France.

Who is Laurence Py?

Laurence Py is the mother of Theo Hernandez. She is a courageous and flexible woman who has raised Theo with love and dedication.

Laurence's continuous support and belief in her son's abilities have played a significant role in his journey to becoming a professional football player. From a young age, she recognized his passion for the sport and pushed him to pursue his dreams.

Theo Hernandez's father - Jean-François

Jean-François Hernandez played as a central defender. In Jan 1998, he moved to Spain. For the next four years, Hernandez split his time between Rayo Vallecano and Atlético Madrid in Spain's second division, the Segunda División. He left the workforce in 2002, at the age of 33.

Lucas and Theo Hernandez are also very talented football players. The former claimed in October 2018 that they had not spoken to Jean-François in the preceding twelve years.

Hernandez, who had been missing for 18 years, was located in Thailand by the French publication L'Équipe in 2022. He allegedly tried to get back in touch with his boys, but their mother used the judicial system to prevent any further communication.

Theo Hernandez has a elder brother who is an athlete

Theo's older brother, Lucas, is a football player as well. The two brothers will represent their country in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. There is just a year between Hernandez's sibling's births. Lucas is the older of the two brothers, at 26, due to his birth on 14 February 1996. His sibling is 25.

He plays left back or center back for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga and for France in international competition. In addition to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Lucas will play in the 2019 UEFA European Championship.

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