Marguerite Belafonte Age, Daughters, Wiki - Harry Belafonte's ex-wife

Marguerite Belafonte Age, Daughters, Wiki - Harry Belafonte's ex-wife

Marguerite Belafonte was married with Harry Belafonte who being married for almost a decade, their relationship was tumultuous. She was the first wife of Harry, an iconic singer and actor.

From 1948 to 1957, they were married and they had two daughters: Adrienne and Shari. They separated when Byrd was pregnant with Shari. Adrienne and her daughter Rachel Blue founded the Anir Foundation/Experience, focused on humanitarian work in southern Africa.

Marguerite Belafonte age, biography and wiki

Born on 12 October 1923 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA, Marguerite Belafonte's age was 75 years old, at the time of her death. She died on 15 February 1998 due to suffered from a heart ailment in Washington D.C., USA.

She was born into a family of achievers and had lofty goals for her life. Despite having brothers who were teachers, she intended to pursue many doctorate degrees and eventually become a child psychologist.

How Marguerite Belafonte and Harry Belafonte met?

Marguerite Belafonte met Harry when he was still a sailor in the Navy at the US Navy's Storekeepers School, and he fell in love with her at first sight and started spending every spare moment together. 

He promised to marry her. After Harry completed his training and they both graduated, ready to begin on their journey as a married couple.

But he was also aware of the cultural and religious differences between them, and he knew that it would be difficult to marry her. He believed, they could find a way to marry and convince his family. He had hope.

She also established an anti-sailor group at her school. At that time, the sailors were not allowed to date coeds. Luckily, Harry had a first date with Marguerite and even got to dance with her.

He begged her to be polite to him while they were on the dance floor, and when she questioned why, he replied,

"Because I might just end up marrying you."

Harry revealed that he had seen a glimpse of a smile when Margerite was shocked by his outburst and asked if the world had run out of men. He learned she was dating someone else, but they remained friends.

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After all this, he never lose hope in her and one day lastly when they out for a walk, he pushed her against the railing of a bridge in a funny way and asked her if she did not agree to marry him, he leave his hand.

She said yes, and they planned to be married on June 18; nevertheless, he was nervous that she may change her mind.

Marguerite Belafonte's children

Marguerite Belafonte welcomed their first child, Adrienne Michelle Belafonte, on May 27, 1949 and welcomed their second daughter, Shari, September 22, 1954. On March 1, 1957, she filed for divorce.

Her daughter Adrienne married without her permission with her boyfriend, David Biesemeyer. They met in school.

Marguerite even changed the school of Adrienne to keep her daughter away from him but David also followed her there. Finally, they got married. She now works as the Executive Director at Anir Foundation.

On the second hand, her daughter Shari became an actress and producer and was married with Robert Harper. Later, she married with Sam Behrens, an actor and visual effects artist.

She wrote an essay 'The Tragedy of Divorce' in 1958.

Marguerite Belafonte second husband

Marguerite Belafonte tied knot with Dr. Edward Mazique in 1965. In the same year, she was pregnant with her first daughter.

After marriage with Edward, she was also on a good term with her ex-husband and even helped him get an honorary degree from Morehouse College.

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