King Von autopsy report - His cause of death explored

King Von autopsy report - His cause of death explored

King Von lost his life after a violent confrontation outside an Atlanta nightclub that ended in gunfire. As per TMZ,  a video was surfaced online is in fact from the shooting.


He as an up and coming rapper from Chicago, dropping his first single, "Crazy Story" in 2018 and was reached the forty-fourth position of the Billboard Hot 100.

In his murder case, Lul Tim, whose real name is Timothy Leeks, is no longer facing felony murder charges in connection to the November 2020 shooting of King Von. He was arrested and charged the day after Von was fatally shot in Atlanta, Georgia.


After King Von death his family released a statement which read as,

"Thank you to everyone who has showed their outpouring of love for King Von. You all played a massive role in Von’s accomplishments, and by continuing to play his music and sharing your stories about how he has inspired and influenced you all, you’re keeping his legacy alive.

To celebrate Von’s artistry, vision, and the immense love that he had for his fans, we will be continuing his rollout of Welcome to O’Block, while working to share unreleased music and interviews that he devoted his creativity into completing. Von had also been working on new endeavors that we will be announcing down the line. Love, Von’s family & team."

King Von autopsy report - What it says?

After King Von passed away, the results of the autopsy were extensively shared over the web and other social media. The rapper apparently died from a gunshot wound to the chest, as stated in the article. Mark Blakley, another victim, was shot and died amid the chaos.


Neither the authenticity of the photos nor the circumstances behind their release have been cleared. These kinds of pictures are disrespectful to the dead and their loved ones.

Photos of the autopsy reveal the cadaver laying on the table, his chest freshly patched. Images of his tattoos may also be present. Fans of the artist were enraged by the stolen pictures, which they deemed to be offensive.

The conspirators who killed King Von allegedly distributed photos and information from his autopsy. The rapper's own sister shared the

The horrific photographs show the corpse lying on the autopsy table with his chest stitched up which was done to close the wound from the gunshot wound. Rapper's sister was outraged enough to accuse the government of ineptitude for releasing the photos.


Timothy Leeks, the killer, was released from Fulton County Prison last year after posting a $100,000 bail but King Von's fan said on social media platform that, he have been kept in prison until his sentencing, as he was seen as a danger to society.


King Von personal life

King Von had six half-siblings. His father name is, Walter E. Bennett, and  mother, Taesha. He was raised mostly by his mother.

Because of his father's imprisonment, he wasn't always able to spend time with him. Von's father was shot and died when he was 11 years old. Many songs written by Von afterwards paid homage to him.

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