How much Juliette Lewis is really worth?

How much Juliette Lewis is really worth?

Juliette Lewis is the kind of young star who's poised to do big things in the entertainment industry. She has been consistently working in movies and series and giving critically acclaimed performances since she first started acting at the age of 13.

She also has a distinct style and a magnetic presence that draws people in. In 1987, she made her first major screen appearance in the television film Home Fires. She was legally emancipated from her parents in order to enable her to more freely work, at the age of 14.


In 2013, she was involved in musical projects and had lead roles in the drama Hellion, in 2014. She  returned to music with her first solo EP, Future Deep returned to music with her first solo EP, Future Deep, in 2016. She appeared in the independent drama film Back Roads, in 2018.

In 2019, she reunited again with Tate Taylor for his film Breaking News in Yuba County. She appeared in the Showtime thriller series, Yellowjackets, in 2022.


While that's all undeniably impressive, this is one performer who's just getting started. And because of that, she not only already has a stunning amount of money, but she'll also likely continue to add to her impressive fortune, thanks to what's in store for the 50-year-old star.

What is the net worth of Juliette Lewis?

Her net worth is estimated to be $5 million, as in 2023. As an actress, Juliette Lewis has portrayed offbeat characters in films and television shows such as "Natural Born Killers", "Starsky and Hutch," "Wayward Pines", "Old School" and "Hysterical Blindness."


In 2021, Lewis starred in the critically acclaimed Showtime show "Yellowjackets."

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Juliette Lewis personal life

Juliette Lewis is from Catholic religion. She was raised in the Catholic faith by her parents, and she has spoken publicly about how her faith. She said,

"I am, yeah," and went on to explain: "I'm a Christian! I think there's so much confusion because people don't understand a religion where you can be another religion but you can still practice Scientology."


She remarked about protecting her freedom of choice and religion, in 2015,

"whatever people's conceptions are of me, I think it's cute. I roll with it."

In 1999, she married Steve Berra and the couple divorced four years later. As of Aug 2023, she has 1.3M followers on her 'juliettelewis' account.

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