Cory Wharton's daughters - Maya Grace and Mila Mae

Cory Wharton's daughters - Maya Grace and Mila Mae

Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge shares two daughters together. They have two daughter named, Maya Grace and Mila Mae.

Couple have been sharing updates on their daughter, 7-month-old Maya, who underwent open heart surgery earlier this month Maya's surgery was a success, and she is now in stable condition. Cory and Taylor have expressed their gratitude for the support and well wishes they have received from their fans during this challenging time.


They have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support, with messages of encouragement flooding in from all corners of the world. Cory and Taylor have been touched by the kindness and generosity of their fans, who have shown unwavering support throughout Maya's journey. In their social media posts, they have been thanking everyone individually, expressing their deep appreciation for the prayers and positive thoughts that have been sent their way.

"Still here. Maya had other plans for her recovery but she's doing well now🤍. Cory and I are traumatized but it's fine. Update on everything once we're out of here."

Cory Wharton also shares daughter with Cheyenne Floyd

Cory Wharton was in relationship with Cheyenne Floyd and they share a daughter together named, Ryder. In an interview with People Cheyenne said,
"I'm secretly freaking out. "I feel like every day I look at the calendar and I'm like, 'okay it's getting closer,' and then I look at my checklist and it's not getting shorter so things aren't adding up right now.

The kids, of course, are playing a role throughout the whole wedding. We truly wanted our wedding to be a reflection of our relationship and our love story, which has been untraditional, broken a couple of rules along the way, and we want to show that in our wedding. I'm excited."

She added,

"Some days, I feel like I'm killing the parenting game. I'm doing it, I'm surviving, my kids are happy. They're fed, they're clean. And then there are these other days where I feel crazy, I look crazy. A doesn't have a diaper on, Ryder is in an outfit that she picked out herself that's just going in too many different places," she said with a laugh. "Parenting is a journey but it's so much fun and the kids keep me on my toes. The kids keep me going."

 Maya Grace's age

Maya Grace who is 1-year-old, as in 2023. She came into this world doing so much better than expected and with amazing cardiologists.

Mila Mae's age

Mila Mae age is 2-years-old. as in 2023.

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