Shinozaki Ai MAXIM Model - Where Is She Now?

Shinozaki Ai MAXIM Model - Where Is She Now?

Shinozaki Ai is a Japanese gravure idol, singer, and a former member of "AeLL.", a musical idol group who went viral for being “Every Korean Man’s Fantasy”.

She has been posing in lingerie for almost two decades and has established a loyal following over the years, and has made numerous appearances in magazines and television shows. She has even been featured on magazine covers.


In 2016, she went viral back when her MAXIM cover sold out completely, being particularly popular in South Korea. She has gone on to forge a career as a pop idol, aside from modelling. She noticed an increase in her gigs based in South Korea, in 2018.

"There are lots of slim models in Korea so a rounder model like me makes them feel intrigued and excited."

Shinozaki Ai Profile - The Japanese MAXIM Model

Shinozaki was in her third year of middle school, she debuted as a leading idol at Chu → Bo, in July 2006. In Oct 2007, she debuted as an actress. In 2008, she made her debut as a singer with her cover of "M". She made a comeback as a solo artist with the single 'A-G-A-I-N', in 2015.

She decided to take an indefinite hiatus with her gravure modelling career, in 2017. In 2021, she appeared on the cover of the September 24 issue of Friday Magazine.

Shinozaki Ai Music albums

  • "EAT ’EM AND SMILE" (December 9, 2015)
  • "YOU & LOVE" (April 25, 2018)
  • "LOVE/HATE" (March 22, 2017)

Shinozaki Ai Singles

  1. "M" ( 2008, March 26, FOR-SIDE RECORDS )
  2. "A-G-A-I-N" (2015-04-29)
  3. "TRUE LOVE" (December 7, 2016)
  4. "口の悪い女" (August 24, 2016)
  5. "Floatin’Like The Moon(初回生産限定盤)"

Where is Shinozaki Ai now?

Shinozaki Ai into modelling career, as in 2023. She is busy in doing her calendrer shoots these days. She is working with full passion on her latest project and building her portfolio by doing calendrer shoots.


Meer Shinozaki Ai on Instagram

Shinozaki Ai's Instagram account user id is, ''. She has 475K followers on her account, as of July 2023. She is a great foodie and her feed is full up with, cooking videos, novels, selfies, pets, celebrations and many more engaging posts.

Shinozaki Ai height and weight

Shinozaki Ai's height is 1.6 m and body weight is 112 lbs.
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