Matthew Mcgreevy Age, Sexuality, Partner and Wikipedia

Matthew Mcgreevy Age, Sexuality, Partner and Wikipedia

Matthew Mcgreevy is known as the love partner of Phillip Schofield. They might be in a relationship but it is not confirmed. It is also rumored that, Matthew is Gay. They have been seen together at many public events. They often post pictures and videos of themselves together on social media having dinner and clubbing.


Matthew Mcgreevy Biography, Age and Wiki

Matthew McGreevy is a British actor, presenter, and TV personality who has worked in cinema and television. He was born on March 21, 1996 in Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, UK. He is 27 Years old, in 2023.

The prominent TV broadcaster and presenter Phillip Schofield, who came out as homosexual in 2020, has accused him of being his boyfriend.

He is in question and the allegations were made after pictures surfaced of the two of them together. He has yet to comment on the matter, but the allegations have sparked an international debate about the private lives of celebrities.

Matthew Mcgreevy Sister

Matthew Mcgreevy has a twin sister named Lizzie. He attended Loreto Sixth Form College where he studied Theatre Studies.

Matthew Mcgreevy Famous For

  1. Next Level Chef UK (2023),
  2. Murder in Provence (2022) and
  3. The Sparticle Mystery (2011)

Is Matthew Mcgreevy really dating Phillip Schofield?

There have been rumors circulating on social media that Matthew Mcgreevy and Phillip Schofield are in a relationship, but neither of them has confirmed or denied the rumors.

This could be due to the fact that they are both in the public eye and do not want to make any public statements that could be misinterpreted or create a backlash from their fans. They may also not want to disclose their personal lives to the public.

Who Is Phillip Schofield?

Phillip Schofield  holds dual British and New Zealand citizenship. He is a family man and currently married with Stephanie Lowe, whom he met when he was 25 and working at Children's BBC, where she was a production assistant. The couple have two daughters, Molly, born in 1993, and Ruby, born in 1996.


Schofield came out as gay via a statement posted on Instagram Stories, on 7 February 2020. In a follow-up interview on This Morning, he stated that,
"with the strength and support of my wife and my daughters, I have been coming to terms with the fact that I am gay".

Schofield's brother Timothy Schofield was found guilty of sexual offences against a teenage boy, in April 2023.

At trial, it came out that in September 2021, Timothy had confided in Phillip about the crimes, but that Phillip had not reported the incident to the police but instead recommended that his brother consult a psychiatrist.

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