Leslie Jordan Dwarfism - Here's Everything about him

Leslie Jordan Dwarfism - Here's Everything about him

Leslie Jordan, an American actor, comedian, writer, and singer who gained immense popularity on Instagram in 2020, accumulating a wobbling 5.8 million followers.

His entertaining posts and witty captions engrossing audiences worldwide, making him one of the most beloved social media personalities of the year.


In 1982, he moved to Los Angeles and became involved with drugs and alcohol and was arrested several times. Jordan began his career in 1986, appearing as Malone in the adventure series The Fall Guy. He quickly became recognizable in the industry for his diminutive size and Southern drawl.

Despite his small stature, he effortlessly commanded the screen with his engaging performances and unique voice, establishing himself as a versatile actor in the entertainment world.

Leslie Jordan Age, Ethnicity and Biography

Born on April 29, 1955, Leslie Jordan's age was 67 years old, at the time of his death. He died on October 24, 2022 in Los Angeles, California, U.S. He was raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He belongs to mixed ethnicity.

He graduated from Brainerd High School. Jordan said his mother, Peggy Ann Jordan (née Griffin; 1935–2022), was supportive and accepting, despite never truly understanding him. His high school graduation was from Brainerd High School. Peggy Ann Jordan, Jordan's mother, was supportive and accepting, despite never truly understanding him.

She was still there for him through the entire process, attending all of his school events and giving him the encouragement and support he needed to make it through the difficult times he faced while in high school.


At Camp Shelby, Mississippi, on March 31, 1967, Jordan's father, Allen Bernard Jordan, was a major in the United States Army Reserve and died, in the crash of a civilian Beechcraft Debonair airplane when Jordan was almost 12 years old. The crash occurred while Jordan's father was transporting supplies to Fort Benning in Georgia and the cause of the crash was never determined. The other two people on board were also killed in the crash.

Leslie Jordan's Dwarfism

Leslie Jordan was born with a condition called Achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. It is a genetic disorder that affects the development of bones, resulting in short stature.


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There are also a number of less common causes. Depending on the underlying cause, the condition can be treated. It is sometimes possible to treat genetic disorders with surgery or physical therapy.

Was Leslie Jordan Gay?

Yes, Leslie Jordan was gay. He became involved in AIDS Project Los Angeles. He has been open about his sexuality for many years and has spoken publicly about it in interviews and in his autobiographical book, My Trip Down the Pink Carpet.
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