Hamza Yassin Family, Age, Net Worth and Girlfriend

Hamza Yassin Family, Age, Net Worth and Girlfriend

Hamza Yassin first began writing for his eponymous blog in 2013 and now he is a famous lifestyle blogger and YouTuber. His blog covers a variety of topics including travel, food, fashion, and lifestyle advice. He loves photography.


His channel is full up of beauty, skincare, makeup related content. He has 20,000 subscribers on his channel from various countries like USA, Canada, UK and many more. He makes ASMR and Mukbang videos. He has grown his followers significantly over the past few years. In 2023, he lives in Kilchoan.

Hamza Yassin Age, Family and Biography

Born on November 15, 1998, Hamza Yassin's age is 24 years old. He was born in Djibouti which is a country in the Horn of Africa, bordered by Somalia to the south, Ethiopia. It's home to one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world, the low-lying Lake Assal, in the Danakil Desert.

He splits his time between Northampton in the UK aged eight, not knowing any English. He had to quickly learn the language in order to integrate into the school environment and keep up with his peers.


After being diagnosed as dyslexic as a teenager while a student at Wellingborough School, he was supported throughout the rest of his studies. His dyslexia did not hinder his academic progress, as he continued to excel in his studies with the appropriate support.

He went on to achieve a degree in Zoology. He also attended Bangor University and University of Nottingham.

"Never in a million years did I think I would be accepting this Masters Honours Degree from @bangor_university. Following in the footsteps of countless amazing people including one of the people I look up to the most: Sir David Attenborough Who also received this award.

Let me start off by saying how grateful I am, and I want to thank everyone at Bangor University, especially my lecturers, my professors, my colleagues, and finally my parents.

I will always treasure my time here in this University. I learned so much from all my lectures, practicals, and all the wonderful trips that we did. I couldn’t wait to see what each module brought and what new information I was going to learn about the natural world.

The American Choreographer Andre DeShields gave three bits of advice which I think bear repeating: “1) Surround yourself with people whose eyes light up when they see you coming. 2) Slowly, is the fastest way to get to where you want to be, and finally. 3) The top of one mountain is the bottom of the next, so keep climbing.”

I achieved my first goal in life working in natural history documentaries, but mark my words this is not my only ambition in life. I hope that together, we can make the world a better place for the future generations.


Bangor University has given me the first big leg up in life. But now it’s the turn of the new graduates, to go out there and make a difference in whatever field you choose. Do it to the best of your ability, the road will be long, and it is not always going to be easy and sometimes it will be very challenging but the ones who persevere will reap the highest rewards.

Last but not least (if I am giving advice) I encourage you to develop your communication skills because once you open your mouth, you tell the world who you are. Make a good first and lasting impression of yourselves and Bangor University.

I followed my dream, I hope you follow yours too. Go out there and change the world!

#Graduation #Masters #honours #degree #fellowship #proudofmyself #lifegoes #natural #history #Wildlife #filmmaking #ceremony #Mother #Nature #Bangor #University #zoology #Wales #Welsh #Cymru #lovemyjob #conservation"


He went on to use his knowledge in diverse projects with wildlife conservation organizations throughout the UK, after graduating.

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Hamza Yassin's Wife

Hamza Yassin is not married. But he seems very close to his fellow dancer, Jowita PrzystaƂ. They both shares a good chemistry with each other. He also wrote for her,

"My Queen!!! What can I say, thank you for a great week, and thank you for caring for me threw-out it all!

And thank you to all who have voted for us to stay in! Both @jowitaprzystal and I appreciate it very much.

“Behind every great King, is a greater Queen!” @bbcstrictly #happiestman #strictly #hamzita #tango #Halloween"

Hamza Yassin Siblings

Hamza Yassin parents are Somali. He grew up with siblings. He has four siblings and would later settle in Denmark.

Hamza Yassin's career highlights

  • Hamza Yassin moved to the Scottish Highlands, when he was 21.
  • He is known for the CBeebies shows Let's Go for a Walk.
  • He presented Scotland: My Life in the Wild, in late 2020.
  • He joined the BBC series Animal Park, in 2021.
  • He appeared as a contestant on the twentieth series of Strictly Come Dancing, in 2022.

Hamza Yassin's Instagram

Hamza Yassin has 196K followers on his 'hamzayassin90' Instagram account. He posts pictures of his travels and his daily life. His profile bio read as,
"WildlifeCameraman, GSS 516+Mini, Shotover, @bbcstrictly 2022, Cbeebies Presenter & King of the dyslexics! Media enquiries: jan@dml-uk.com"

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What is the net worth of Hamza Yassin?

Hamza Yassin's net worth is estimated to be $4 million - $6 million from his multi go career. He has achieved success through his various business ventures, book selling and others.

Hamza Yassin is also an author

He wrote a book titled, 'Be A Birder' and share this good announcement with his Instagram followers whose caption read as,
"I am thrilled to share with you all the cover of my brand new book, Be A Birder, which will be published on September 14th 2023! This book is full of stories of lots of my birdwatching adventures and my tips and tricks for beginner birders. Be A Birder is available to pre-order now from all good retailers, link in my bio! @octopus_books_"

Hamza Yassin Height and Weight

His height is 1.72 m tall and body weight is 160 lbs. 

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