Rendon Labador Height, Age, Instagram and Wikipedia

Rendon Labador Height, Age, Instagram and Wikipedia

Rendon Labador, a Filipino fitness teacher, has amassed a sizable following on his Instagram account, @rendonlabadorfitness. He believes that everyone can make positive changes to their lifestyle and that small, sustainable steps can lead to big changes over time. He has become known for his unique brand of fitness advice, which emphasizes the importance of balance and working out in a fun, accessible way.


He also provides helpful tips on nutrition and self-care and shares his personal journey of fitness. He also encourages others to pursue fitness goals without feeling like they have to be perfect or sacrifice too much. He emphasizes the importance of listening to one's body and taking rest days when needed. 

Rendon Labador Age

Born on July 23, 1985 in Philippines, Rendon Labador's age is 37 years old. He spent most of his childhood in Philippines with his family and siblings.


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Rendon Labador on Instagram

Rendon Labador's Instagram user name is, 'rendonlabadorfitness'. In July 2012, he first began posting to his Instagram account. His Instagram account has been sponsored by Skyjet Airlines.


Is Rendon Labador Dating?

No, the young fitness freak sensation is not dating. Rendon Labador is single.

Rendon Labador Height and Weight

Rendon Labador's height is 1.75 m and body weight is 154 lbs. His measurements are 56-38-38. His biceps size are 21 inches.

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Rendon Labador Facts

  • Rendon Labador's approach to fitness is inspiring to many as it is based on the belief that anyone can make fitness a part of their lives, regardless of their age or fitness level.
  • He promotes a holistic approach to health, one that includes proper nutrition, sleep, and stress management in addition to exercise.
  • He has hundreds of thousands of hearts in almost all his videos.
  • With over 91K followers, Rendon Labador is one of the most popular TikTok stars.
  • His success on the site has spread to other social media outlets.
  • Not much is known about his family or education.
  • He is a keen Snapchat user as well, who is known for sharing entertaining stories on his account.
  • He is also an online seller and runs his merchandise line.
  • He holds an interest in basketball and has posted photos of himself playing the sport on Instagram.
  • He also enjoys playing video games, particularly Fortnite.
  • He has even featured them on his YouTube channel.

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