Lul TYS Death, Age, Biography and Wiki

Lul TYS Death, Age, Biography and Wiki

Lul TYS was an American rapper who was very famous for his hit tracks such as, Straight Bars, Remember Me, Momma, Main Topic. He died on 24th May 2022.


He lives in North Vallejo in California. He also recorded producer whose first album came under number hundred. He was raised in Compton, Los Angeles, California.

Lul TYS Age and Death

Lul TYS's age was 23 years old, at the time of his death. His most renowned song, “Against” has gotten over 10 million listeners.


His sudden death was a great shock to the music industry, especially considering his young age.

Lul TYS Songs List

  1. Straight Bars
  2. Dead Oppsk
  3. 20
  4. Triple Letter
  5. Ride 4 Me
  6. Livin Crazy
  7. Say Yes
  8. Choose
  9. My Life
  10. Double Back
  11. Real Facts
  12. Fuck Fame
  13. Hoe 4 Me
  14. Internet Thugs
  15. With This Glizzy
  16. No Comin Back
  17. Main Topic
  18. Sleepless Nights
  19. Momma
  20. What Love Is
  21. Remember Me
  22. IJWK
  23. No Pass
  24. Afterlife
  25. Break
  26. Colder
  27. Lets Get Active
  28. Pop 4 HEC
  29. No Fumble
  30. Ride
  31. Take It All
  32. Televised

Is Lul TYS Mudered?

There were intense reactions from people around the world when the news of Lul Tyshas' death spread on May 24, 2022, with many calling for justice for the young victim.

The incident happened late at night in his apartment and was killed in a shooting in Citrus Heights, Sacramento. 
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