Kalani Rodgers Age, Dating, Instagram and Wikipedia

Kalani Rodgers Age, Dating, Instagram and Wikipedia

Kalani Rodgers gained internet fame because to her hysterical performances on her 'kaalaanii' TikTok channel. Almost one million and a half people are her 'kalani_rodgers' Instagram followers where she has 475K followers.


She often films with friends in public places. Her channel has expanded tremendously since she initially began uploading videos there, since they have gone viral and attracted millions of views, likes, and comments.

She has become a popular personality on TikTok, with many of her fans adopting her characteristic look. She appeared as Latanya in the film Pick A Side, in 2021.

Who is Kalani Rodgers?

Kalani Rodgers enrolled in an acting school, at an early age. Born on March 22, 2000 in Detroit, MI, she is 23 years old. Her current residence is California. Around the time she turned nine, she made her cinematic debut in Detroit in a little flick called Dog Tags.


She attended Sacramento State to pursue her interest in the performing arts. With over 13 million views, her skit with the phrase "Showed up unannounced" became an internet sensation.

Kalani Rodgers Career

Since her childhood, Kalani had always aspired to become an actress. In a bid to pursue her childhood dreams, she moved to California shortly after she graduated from high school in 2018. Soon after relocating to California, she decided to create a strong social media presence.


Her viral lip-sync videos, in which she recreated some of the most memorable moments from film and television, earned her millions of fans.

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Kalani Rodgers Net Worth

Kalani Rodgers's net worth as of June 2023 is ranging from $1 million to $1.5 million. Her huge net worth comes from a variety of sources, including paid endorsements on TikTok and Instagram, brand sponsorships.

Kalani Rodgers on YouTube

Her YouTube channel '@Kalanirodgers' has 757K subscribers, in June 2023. Her video, "Third wheeling a toxic couple and she totaled the car" has earned 52K views and "When You Set Your Man Up To Get Robbed" has racked up 204K views which she uploaded in Feb 2023.


Kalani Rodgers Dating

Kalani Rodgers is not romantically linked with any guy. She is available not taken.

Kalani Rodgers Height and Weight

Her height is 168 m as per IMDb and body weight is 130 lbs.

Lesser Known Facts About Kalani Rodgers

  1. Kalani Rodgers  has a lighthearted, funny, and natural personality.
  2. She's always able to make people laugh with her quick wit and sharp observations.
  3. She has an ability to make people feel comfortable and at ease with her easy-going and friendly demeanor.
  4. She hopes will slingshot her to a top agency and top feature films
  5. She loved the lifestyle and has landed roles in commercials and short films.
  6. Her videos have blown up the social media platform TikTok, making her a viral sensation.
  7. She has a large following on YouTube because to the vlogs she posts about her travels and the dancing videos she uploads.
  8. When making films, she often looks to other influential people for ideas.
  9. Her vlogs are jam-packed with all sorts of exciting and entertaining content.
  10. Her attractive modelling images and amusing updates about her life, she has amassed over a million followers on Instagram.
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