Bruce Lehrmann's Wife - Is he married?

Bruce Lehrmann's Wife - Is he married?

Bruce Lehrmann is a former Coalition staffer and he was framed in relation to an allegation he raped his former colleague Brittany Higgins in Parliament House.


He was pleaded not guilty to raping Higgins during a trial and despite the fact that he was cleared of any wrongdoing by both the police and the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, his reputation has been severely damaged due to the false allegations that were made against him.

Bruce Lehrmann Biography

In March 2019, Bruce Lehrmann fought a charge of sexual assault after Higgins claimed he raped her in the parliamentary office of their then-boss Linda Reynolds.


During an interview with Ten's The Project in February 2021, Higgins made her allegations public, and Lehrmann was charged in the ensuing months.

When he was asked if he raped Higgins, Lehrmann replied, "no", while also denying they had agreed-upon sex. When he was told that he didn't rape Higgins, he was told he had been framed for it.


He had already denied they had consensual sex, so his denial of rape was consistent with what he had previously stated. He was then told he had been framed for the crime, which could explain why he was being accused of something he did not do.

Bruce Lehrmann Wife

Bruce Lehrmann was in relationship with his girlfriend, Brittany Higgins. The couple had only been together for about six months prior to February 15 2021. Couple's text messages between them appeared they were to be in a loving relationship.

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