Maddie Harriott Wikipedia - Daughter of Ainsley Harriott

Maddie Harriott Wikipedia - Daughter of Ainsley Harriott

Maddie Harriott is born into famed family and best known as the daughter of Ainsley Harriott, who rose to fame hosting BBC show Ready Steady Cook. He has had many television presenting jobs - but he's also a trained chef. In 2012, Ainsley divorced costume designer Clare Fellows. Jimmy and Maddie are their two children. According to the Mirror, Ainsley still loves and cares for his wife. Having found a new partner, he said he was "enjoying being in love and being able to share my life with someone."


Maddie Harriott Age and Mother

Maddie Harriott is very close to her mother. She was born to Clare Fellows. Maddie said in an interview, "she taught me, my brother and my sister to take pride in ourselves, and make sure our shoes were always shiny. It can’t have been easy for her coming to Britain in the early 1950s and making a life here, but she was such a positive force of nature.


She was incredibly sociable and chose our church because it was a melting pot of different families – Polish, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Hungarians – Mum wanted us to fully integrate."

Maddie Harriott's Father

Maddie Harriott was born to Ainsley Harriott. He said in an Interview with which reads as, "she gave me the most important things in my life, and there is a respect there. But everyone moves on, and that’s fine.


I have a partner now and I’m enjoying having love and getting to share my life with someone, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Although she always says to me, ‘I’d prefer it if you didn’t talk about me, thanks darling."

Maddie Harriott's Aunt - Jacqueline

Jacqueline, a retired teacher. While attending a party as chef's guest at the VIP launch she fall into pool and Ainsley Harriott came to the rescue of his sister when she fell into a water feature during day one of the Chelsea Flower Show in London. He saved his sibling Jacqueline from drowning according to onlookers after she tripped and fell into the water. After Jacqueline was pulled from the water, paramedics arrived, and Ainsley later tweeted that she was fine.

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