Who Is Kayah Lumpkin - Ginuwine's Daughter

Who Is Kayah Lumpkin - Ginuwine's Daughter

Kayah Lumpkin is the daughter of Ginuwine, an American R&B singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor. She lost both her grand parents;. Her grand father, James II Lumpkin died by suicide, and her grand mother, Sandra Lumpkin died to cancer less than a year later. She struggled with grief and depression; her father, Ginuwine also thought of taking his own life.

After her grand parents passed away, Kayah experienced a significant amount of emotional pain and instability. She was faced with the challenge of learning to cope with her losses and grieving in a healthy way. She also had to help her father Ginuwine work through his grief so he could find a way to move forward.

After receiving counseling from his pastor, he was able to turn his life into a more positive one. On his 2001 album The Life, he recorded the song "Two Reasons I Cry" about the death of his parents as a tribute to them.


Kayah Lumpkin Age

Kayah Lumpkin's age is not known. But, she seems to be her 30s. Her father's age is 52 years old, as of 2023.


Kayah Lumpkin Siblings

Kayah Lumpkin sibling names are Story (born March 29, 2001), Elgin, Jr (born January 30, 1991), Ramonda, Tiffany, Elgin, Ginel, Tahjair, Story and Dream, plus two step-children, Dejan and Cypress and Dream Sarae Lumpkin (born November 1, 2002).


Her aunt name is, Latisha Lumpkin and uncle name is, James III.

Kayah Lumpkin's Net Worth

Kayah Lumpkin's net worth is estimated to be $1 million, as in 2023.

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