Deepak Kalal Net Worth| How Much Is His Income From YouTube?

Deepak Kalal Net Worth| How Much Is His Income From YouTube?

Deepak Kalal, an Indian travel and comedy vloger who posted a video of his mother and sister visiting Kashmir with him, on May 14, 2018. He is particularly known for his love and promotion of Kashmir. He has 39 million overall views. In 2017, Kalal began making videos about Kashmir as a traveling vlogger. After CarryMinati made a roast video of his videos, he went viral on the internet.

He was a contestant on the show and won the hearts of the judges and audience alike. He went on to win the competition and become the first ever magician to do so. Kalal's journey from being a vlogger to a celebrated magician is an inspiring story.


Deepak Kalal Wikipedia and Age

Born on February 18, 1972 Pune, India. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. His newfound fame was further solidified when Rakhi Sawant made her announcement, which created a huge buzz on social media. Couple's wedding announcement has taken the internet by storm. She has also made bizarre statements recently, such as wanting to take a shower with Anup Jalota and urging others to donate breast tissue. With one glance at the invitation, it is clear what the controversy queen is up to.


On the internet, Deepak Kalal is popular for his cross-gender comedy videos. After Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant announced she was marrying him in 2018, he became an internet sensation.

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Deepak Kalal's YouTube Income

Deepak Kalal's income is his Rs 10 lacs (annually), as of 2023. His income has been steadily increasing since 2018, when he was first able to make Rs 5 lacs in a single year.


Deepak Kalal Height and Weight

Deepak Kalal's height is 1.78 m or 5'8'' or 198 lbs or 90 Kg.

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