Koby Lomax Age, Family, Wiki and Height

Koby Lomax Age, Family, Wiki and Height

Koby Lomax, a popular tiktoker and social media personality. At present, he is the CEO of curly hair and company Ardent Candles. On his tiktok account, he has 230K followers on tiktok. He gives tips on hair, how to style them and creating an online community for his audience to connect with one another. His videos have included him dancing, vlogging about his daily life and showing his hair care routine.


Koby Lomax Wiki and Age

Koby Lomax was born on December 16, 1998 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is 24 years old. His mother have been featured in his videos. His sister name is, Alyssa. His dogs name is Penny.

He began making candles as early as 15 years old. While attending university, he took classes and workshops on candlemaking to hone his skills. During his time at Old Dominion University, he earned a degree in history.


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Koby Lomax On Social Media

Koby Lomax has already received over 1 million views in a short period of time for his video on TikTok where he makes his bed and talks about cleaning constantly. His message of the importance of taking the time for self-care has resonated with many viewers proving to be an inspiration for people everywhere.

His video resonated with many people because it highlights the fact that the everyday mundane tasks of life can be difficult and can lead to feelings of burnout. His use of humor and creativity in his video likely also contributed to its success.

Koby Lomax Net Worth

Koby Lomax's net worth is $580K - $600K, per year. His business plan included marketing his products to local retailers.


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Koby Lomax Height and Weight

Koby Lomax height is 1.67 m (5'6"). His body weight is 142 lbs.

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