Chloe Sunderland Age, Height, Net Worth and Boyfriend

Chloe Sunderland Age, Height, Net Worth and Boyfriend

Chloe Sunderland aka Roma Army is a content creator and a social media star. She has amassed a large following across multiple platforms, due to her creative content and engaging presentation style. Her videos, posts, and stories have attracted millions of views, likes, and shares.

Throughout her body, she has a lot of tattoos. Chloe has a unique style that stands out and has become her trademark. Her tattoos are a reflection of her creativity and individuality and her followers appreciate her for expressing her identity through her body art.

Chloe Sunderland Wiki, Age and Bio

Born on  June 1, 1997, in Romania. She is 26 years old, in 2023. She is very close to her father and mother. She has always been very open with them about her life and has always looked up to them for guidance. She values their opinion and trust them to make the right decisions for her.

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What Is The Net Worth Of Chloe Sunderland?

Her high income and large viewership make it possible for her to live a life of luxury with her family. She has the financial resources to purchase high-end items and travel to exotic locations, as well as provide her family with all the necessities and comforts of modern life. Chloe Sunderland's net worth is estimated to be, $0.5 million.


Chloe Sunderland Boyfriend

Chloe Sunderland has not dating. She is available. You can follow her here, 'chloejade48'.

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Chloe Sunderland Height and Weight

Her height is 5'4'' and body weight is 116 lbs.

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