Billie Early Wiki, Bio, Husband| Cameron Diaz's Mother

Billie Early Wiki, Bio, Husband| Cameron Diaz's Mother

Billie Early is the mother of Cameron Diaz. She is also credited for having a major role in launching the career of her daughter who has gone on to become one of the highest-grossing actresses of all time. Her films have grossed over $3 billion at the domestic box office as of 2018, making her the fifth highest-grossing actress. A loving and caring mother, Billie Early is a wonderful role model. When it comes to her children, she always puts their happiness and health first. Her goal is to spend quality time with them and encourage them to pursue their interests.


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Billie Early Age

Billie Early was born on August 11, 1950, in Los Angeles County, California.

Billie Early Net Worth

Billie Early's net worth is $2 million. Her net worth has also increased as a result of investment in a number of businesses. She also owns a variety of real estate properties and luxury items, such as exotic cars and private jets.


Billie Early Husband

Emilio and Billie Early met for the first time at the Sugar Shack Up in Big Bear. Nine months after dating, the couple got married in 1991. Until Emilio's death in 2008, the couple had cherished their marriage and were devoted to each other.

Billie's husband worked for Unocal, a California oil company. They were passionate and connected, which led to a quick engagement and marriage. Their time together was relatively short, but they made the most of it and built a life together while Emilio worked in the oil industry.

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Billie Early Children

Cameron and Chimene are two of Billie Early's daughters. The family of Cameron's father is Cuban, and Diaz's ancestors were originally from Spain. Her father was born in Los Angeles, so they later settled in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida. Her ancestors primarily came from England and Germany.

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